An empowering and joyous picture book by actress Kirby Howell-Baptiste (The Sandman) that instills confidence and encourages little Black girls to reach for their wildest dreams, adapted for audio.

This inspiring audiobook celebrates all little Black girls, the power of community, and the joy and hope of being a child.

In beautiful, lyrical text actress Kirby Howell-Baptiste tells the story of one Black girl and her limitless potential as she pursues her dream of robotics. Determined to have her robot ready for the school fair, getting everything done in time won’t be easy, but this little Black girl knows she is destined to shine and is not going to let anything hold her back from achieving her dream. With bright, bold plans in mind she begins to sketch and build her robot. The joy she has pursuing her passion is infectious and she has a community of strong women around her, encouraging and supporting her as she lives out her dream.

You have sparks in your brain and fire in your heart.
You can decide where to stop and where to start.
You were born unique. None of us are the same.
Your only job: Make them remember your name.
Praise for Little Black Girl:

★ “This poetic story is a love letter to every little Black girl who has ever felt left out from the world around her. Throughout the book, readers are reminded of  just how unique and important they are,  even if they are not always able to recognize that truth themselves. . . Digitally rendered illustrations are filled with intricate color and shading, and readers will be inspired to discuss the images as the story progresses. VERDICT This uplifting, approachable book offers unlimited encouragement to children of all ages to believe in themselves and relentlessly chase their beautiful dreams.” —School Library Journal, starred review

Inspirational. . . [with] a dreamlike quality to the art . . . A stirring story about a Black girl learning to celebrate her own uniqueness.” —Kirkus