From the author of Start Where You Are comes an illustrated guide for moving through life’s biggest transitions with purpose and clarity.

  How It Feels to Find Yourself pairs vibrant color palettes with thoughtful observations and guidance for navigating the most important relationship in our lives: the one we have with ourselves.
    Through illustrated charts, honest essays, and insightful questions for deeper reflection, Meera Lee Patel encourages us to sharpen our internal compasses—so we can discover our purpose, let go of what we’ve outgrown, and navigate challenging relationships with confidence.
    How It Feels to Find Yourself provides comfort for the difficult moments in life while serving as a source for deeper learning. It is a valuable gift for anyone who is facing uncertainty or entering a new chapter in life. Each page creates nostalgia for the places and experiences we’ve already encountered, while shining a hopeful light toward where we are headed next.

* This audiobook edition includes a downloadable PDF which contains select illustrations and the Finding Yourself exercises from the book.
"How It Feels To Find Yourself is the book that we all need on our nightstands. It reminds us that regardless of the day we've experienced; we are still beautifully and devastatingly hopeful and human. Meera Lee Patel's colorful artwork illustrates the expansiveness of our feelings and her stunning words remind us that life is a spectrum of many emotions; comfort, discomfort, acceptance, loneliness, love, enthusiasm and open-heartedness, too. And though that spectrum may not always be convenient, it undoubtedly leads us to the truest versions of ourselves. This book is a beautiful gift to all of us."
—Cyndie Spiegel, bestselling author of A Year of Positive Thinking and Microjoys: Finding Hope (Especially) When Life Is Not Okay