An eye-opening journey through the magical, yet surprisingly little-understood, human emotion that is wonder.

From the first tickle of curiosity to an unexpected shift in how we perceive the world, there isn’t a person who hasn’t experienced wonder, and yet the why and how of this profoundly beneficial emotion is only just beginning to be scientifically examined. This inspiring book from thought leader Monica Parker explores the power of wonder to transform the way we learn, develop new ideas, drive social change, and ultimately become better humans. 

The Power of Wonder takes readers on a multidisciplinary journey through psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, literature, and business to share some of the surprising secrets behind the mechanics of wonder and guides readers in bringing more of it into their lives. From art and architecture, to love and sex, to sleep and psychedelics, you will learn about the elements and elicitors of wonder, and how it can transform our bodies and brains. Whether it’s taking a daily “wonder walk” or discovering a new absorbing intellectual pursuit, this book shows us how to become more wonderprone and reconnect with a reverence for the world and all the magic in it.
"Monica Parker has taken an undervalued emotion — and demonstrated its capacity to transform our lives. The Power of Wonder delivers on its title by showing how wonder can spark creativity, deepen humility, and boost performance. This book is precisely what we need to cultivate curiosity, empathy, and open-mindedness in our world.”
—Daniel H. Pink, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Power of Regret, When, and Drive

“I am in wonder reading this book! Wow! Monica Parker makes the convincing case that wonder is a mindset we can bring to anything to enrich our lives and the lives of those around us. This is a must-read book for our times!"
—Scott Barry Kaufman, PhD, author of Choose Growth and Transcend
“Few emotions offer as much potency and meaning as our sense of wonder. Monica offers a whirlwind of science and stories about wonder and its cousins—curiosity, openness, absorption, and awe. An enthralling read.”
—Dr. Todd B. Kashdan, PhD, author of The Art of Insubordination and professor of psychology at George Mason University. 

"You can't help smiling and sitting straighter and seeing the world afresh when you read this gorgeous book."
—David Eagleman, bestselling author of Sum and Livewired
“Wonder means seeing the artistry in the everyday, and in The Power of Wonder, Monica Parker shares that unique vision with others. Her enlightening exploration of wonder will have you rediscovering the world with fresh eyes and a full heart.” 
—Nathan Sawaya, artist and creator of The Art of the Brick
As a CEO, I found Monica Parker’s The Power of Wonder filled with practical takeaways. As an environmentalist and wonderseeker, I felt even more connected to the wonders of our world. An essential read for all who love the earth.
—Azzedine Downes, president and CEO of International Fund for Animal Welfare 

"Fascinating, far-ranging book." 
- Harvard Business Review

Parker’s book is the first to examine the concept of wonder through multidisciplinary lenses and to make the subject less ambiguous….Awe-inspiring.”
Library Journal