When the world’s biggest brands want to sharpen their digital marketing strategy, they call Neil Hoyne - Google's Chief Measurement Strategist and Senior Fellow at the Wharton School. In his first book, he offers a simple, research-backed playbook that anyone can use to unleash the value of their business and its customers.

Most companies focus on a single moment – the point of purchase. They follow customers around the internet for weeks, chasing revenue growth by waving “please buy this!” ads in their face. With pressure for quick results and fierce marketplace competition, too many marketers are boxed into these spaghetti-to-the-wall forms of digital marketing that limit the potential of their long hours, countless experiments and warehouses of data. And in the end, watch their competition sprint ahead.
But what if you built a business around long-term relationships with customers, using data to understand who the best customers are and what products they want to buy, and then building around them?
The answer: You can. And you’ll leave your competitors, with all of their data and their short-term thinking, to poke around in the scraps. In Converted, Neil Hoyne shares exactly how to do this. With simple marketing processes and methods, you’ll learn how to:
   Determine the full potential of each customer so you can identify the ones worth building a relationship with, and the ones you should let go (parting is such sweet sorrow, but not all relationships are meant to last)
   Engage in an on-going conversation with your best customers, avoiding the margin-crushing disappointment of relentless advertising and promotion discounts
   Ask guiding questions so you can anticipate their needs better than your competitors
   Find more great customers by utilizing data from your existing tribe
A real person is always on the other end of the transaction. Converted shows you how to win their hearts.