Wickedly funny. Wildly twisty. The new book from the master of the heist novel.

“A super-thief who leaves no trace.”—Andy Garcia

“An anti-hero for our times.”—Sarah Dunn

“A can't-miss master.”—David Baldacci

Super thief Riley Wolfe can do it all. He is a master of disguise, can scale a wall, and can vanish into thin air (thick air, too). He uses these unique talents to rob the richest. But this time, it’s the most powerful who have him in their grips.


It’s not just that the high-up, rogue government agent has abducted the only two people Riley loves: it’s the fact that Riley has to do the man’s dirty work to set them free. It’s something Riley ordinarily would find a modest day’s work, infiltrating a madman’s Soviet missile silo in one of the world’s most remote places, all to find a secret on a tiny flash drive—but he’s never had to race the clock like this.


From its vivid, remote locales to its John Wick-meets-Deadpool dialogue, this gripping heist novel from Jeff Lindsay, author of the Dexter series, is everything: an utterly escapist, must-read novel of espionage, thievery, love and betrayal. It twists, it turns, and keeps everything on the line until the very end. Even for Riley, it looks like this time, the only way out is through.
Praise for Three-Edged Sword
“The darkly humorous tale is tightly written…the ingenious plot unfolds at the furious pace the author’s fans have come to expect.”—Associated Press

“A perfect beach read.” —Kirkus
“Another adventure in which Wolfe must pull out all the stops.” —Publisher's Weekly

"One of the best books in the series…Fans of Donald E. Westlake's thief-hero Parker, star of the series Westlake wrote under the pseudonym Richard Stark, will want to get to know Riley right away.” —Booklist

“Readers will be transfixed by Riley’s every move as he engages in astonishing transformations and clever ruses in pursuit of his seemingly impossible goals in this audacious and action-packed thriller.” —BookPage