Inspired by real events, a touching novel about a new class of courageous women who worked at London’s historic Kew Gardens during World War II.

In the face of war, gardening is their duty…When Daisy Cooper’s new husband joins the RAF to fight the Battle of Britain, she’s terrified she’s going to lose him. So when her mother Ivy suggests she join the gardeners at Kew to keep busy, Daisy’s intrigued. After all, Ivy worked at Kew during the last great war and made lifelong friends along the way. Louisa Armitage, not ready to hang up her gardening gloves just yet, and Beth Sanderson, an aspiring doctor looking to make a difference, decide to enlist as well. When tragedy strikes, the women are forced to come together to support one other during their darkest hours. But can the Kew Gardens Girls survive the horrors of war-torn London this time?
“Emotional…The horrible reality of war is on full display in this engrossing story, which Lovell enhances with a visceral sense of bombs falling and terrible news arriving via telegrams. This has “movie option” written all over it.” –Publishers Weekly

“Complex relationships and overarching social issues unite in this sequel to Posy Lovell’s The Kew Gardens Girls. It’s a wonderful novel that can be read on its own, and fans of the first book will be delighted to become reacquainted with Louisa and Teddy, Ivy and Jim, and a number of other reminiscences from the first novel.” –Historical Novels Review

Praise for The Kew Gardens Girls
“An absolutely charming story about the strength and beauty of female friendship. The Kew Gardens Girls blossom from the pages as WWI changes their lives and they face the challenges of being the first women to work in the famous Kew Gardens. I loved the way Ivy, Louisa and Win reveled in the many adventures they encountered and supported one another through the turmoil of wartime life. Settle into the story and be swept away!” ⁠—Natasha Lester, author of The Paris Secret

“Utterly charming, The Kew Garden Girls, set in World War I London to the backdrop of the women's suffrage movement, is a tumbling bouquet of detail and dialogue that immediately transports the reader to one of the most famous city gardens in the world, a century in the past. Inspired by real events, Posy Lovell deftly explores issues of friendship, loss, class, equality, and freedom, weaving those serious topics into a beautiful story of women in wartime who find solace and meaning in tending the plants of Kew Gardens, coaxing new life from the soil even as they struggle to hold their own lives together. I'll never look at the sprawling, brilliant Kew Gardens—one of London's top tourist attractions and a World Heritage Site—the same way again.” —Kristin Harmel, author of The Book of Lost Names

The Kew Gardens Girls weaves an engaging, charming story of three women and their friendship while exploring the fascinating struggle for women's suffrage during World War I Britain. Lovell's story is just as layered and beautiful as the gardens she writes about. A delight!” –Julia Kelly, author of The Light Over London

“[An] endearing slice of wartime life.” –Booklist

“[An] emotional, heartwarming story.” –Woman’s World

“Heartwarming...Even non-gardeners will be inspired to browse flower catalogues and grow a garden as a tribute to courageous characters like Ivy, Louisa, and Win.” –Historical Novels Review

"The Kew Gardens Girls is a delightful story about women from very different backgrounds who end up working together at London’s Kew Gardens during WWI, taking on the jobs of the men who have gone to war. The ‘Girls’ form fast friendships and something like a surrogate family. With beautifully well-drawn characters that you root for from the beginning, and interesting historical details about both the Suffragette movement and Kew Gardens during WWI, this is a poignant, heartwarming read that I highly recommend!” —Jane Healey, author of The Beantown Girls