Robert B. Parker's PI Sunny Randall's newest case hits close to home in ways she never expected in her latest thrilling investigation.

PI Sunny Randall owes a favor. Her landlord and former client, famous novelist Melanie Joan Hall, is being threatened and blackmailed, and it is up to Sunny and her best friend Spike to ensure her protection. But as Sunny looks into the identity of Melanie Joan’s stalker, she learns that much of the author’s past is a product of her amazing imagination, and her loyalty to her old friend is challenged as she searches for the truth.
At the same time, Sunny springs into action when her aging ex-cop father, Phil, is threatened by a shady lawyer with a desire to settle an old score. Fighting crimes on two fronts, Sunny must use all of her savvy, and the help of her friends, in order to protect those she loves. And one thing is for sure with both of these cases: this time, it’s personal.  
Praise for Revenge Tour and the Sunny Randall series

“Lupica's best yet in the franchise. Parker fans will be charmed.”—Publishers Weekly

“The plot unwinds with some dexterous dipsy-doodles along the way, but the real treat here is the bringing together of so many members of Parker's extended family of fast-talking, right-cross-throwing scene stealers.”--Booklist
“A magnetic new gumshoe.”—People Magazine

"Parker's trademark dialogue, chockablock with wit, has never been better, nor have his psychological insights."—Chicago Sun-Time