A new, holistic way to understand money and find your own path to financial freedom, from the wealth-building expert behind One Big Happy Life

    You deserve to live your dream life. Mastering your finances and learning how to use your money to create that life is a nonnegotiable, because let’s be honest: life costs money. The good news is that you can create a money plan that you actually enjoy sticking to—one that allows you to build wealth while spending guilt-free on a life that you love today.

Scarlett Cochran knows because she’s been there, from starting out as a single teenage mom living under the poverty line and working to put herself through law school, to becoming the founder of One Big Happy Life and teaching millions how to create the rich life that we deserve, on our own terms.

Do any of these “rules” sound familiar? Don’t buy that five-dollar coffee! Debt is terrible! Live below your means! Cochran’s approach is different. If you want a latte every day, go get it. You can have your lattes and your millions, too. Have big goals for your life, like buying your dream house, traveling the world, or leaving a meaningful legacy for your family? Your money can make all of that possible for you—and more. Cochran can help anyone, even those who think they’re “bad with money,” define their personal path to building wealth their way, including how to:

  • redefine wealth;
  • change your money story;
  • expand your money capacity;
  • define your version of a rich life; and
  • create your money practice.

This is a book about money, but it’s not really about the money. It’s about the doors that open when you understand how to put your money to work to create the life that you want. It introduces a new way to understand personal finance—because the old ways just don’t cut it anymore. Empower yourself to truly own your money and make financial decisions confidently, based on your unique vision of what a good life looks like.
It’s Not About The Money will change your financial life. It’s the guide and permission we’ve all needed to start feeling empowered in our financial lives. It’s about living a joyful life. It’s about protecting yourself and your family. It’s about creating the future you want. -- Farnoosh Torabi, host of the award-winning podcast So Money and author of When She Makes More

In It's Not About The Money, Scarlett Cochran lays out a vision of financial freedom that goes well beyond the accumulation of wealth for wealth's sake. Her simultaneous expertise in the subject of money and unapologetic authenticity when it comes to choosing her own path makes for the perfect guide through the process of learning to leverage money as a means to build the life you actually want.-- Chelsea Fagan, Co-Founder and CEO of The Financial Diet

It’s Not About The Money is a recent addition to my bookshelf, and now I'm telling everyone in my life that it's a must-have for theirs, as well! Scarlett Cochran debunks old money rules (yes, please!) and empowers us to make financial decisions based on our own personal goals, visions, and values. She offers the money manual I would have loved to have years ago.--Amy Porterfield, Author of Two Weeks Notice and Host of The Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast