For Dutton Caliber's American War Heroes series, the gripping and action-packed combat story of America’s most celebrated tank commander, Staff Sergeant Lafayette “War Daddy” Pool.

Lafayette Pool provided inspiration for Brad Pitt’s character “War Daddy” Collier in the movie Fury, but his true story is less known. Here, acclaimed author Stephen L. Moore writes the first full-length narrative to honor the valiant Texan tanker. A champion Golden Gloves boxer turned U.S. Army legend, Pool was known as the “ace of tankers” for destroying more than five enemy tanks in head-to-head combat. Sporting a pair of cowboy boots and a confident smile, Pool and his tank, In the Mood, fearlessly led the charge into at least twenty-one different engagements across France, Belgium, and Germany in World War II. His 3rd Armored superiors credit Pool’s crew with destroying at least 275 enemy vehicles, capturing 250 or more enemy soldiers, and killing or wounding more than a thousand opponents. In one three-day period alone, they knocked out four German tanks, three anti-tank guns, and fifty armored vehicles, creating an overwhelming number of enemy casualties.
Drawing on official military documents, the memoirs of Pool’s crewmen, and personal interviews with the family of Pool and his comrades, Blood and Fury is full of heated battles, suspenseful near-death experiences, and indomitable bravery. At the heart of it all is an undeniable American hero: Lafayette Pool.