En mi corazón quiero saber
Que cuando terminen mis días
Estados Unidos
Estados Unidos
Te di lo mejor de mi vida

Este libro es una celebración del espíritu americano. Es una oda al sentido de servicio y deber que comparten muchos estadounidenses, y un mensaje de esperanza para un futuro mejor; uno que nos une a través de generaciones y canta el sueño de un hermoso mañana.

Acompañado por una impresionante variedad de ilustraciones hechas por trece artistas, cada uno de los cuales comparte lo que Estados Unidos significa para ellos, Himno americano honra a las personas que trabajan juntas, todos los días, para construir un mundo mejor para su familia, su comunidad y su país.


Based on the song that President Joe Biden quoted in his inaugural address, this picture book celebrates the beauty and diversity of this country and the legacies on which we build our future.

As President Joe Biden delivered his inaugural address, he quoted from a song that fully captured his own spirit of service: “The work and prayers of centuries have brought us to this day. What shall be our legacy? What will our children say? Let me know in my heart, when my days are through—America, America, I gave my best to you.” It was a sentiment that spoke not only to our new president’s character, but to the sense of pride in duty and purpose for the sake of a country we hold dear. And it contained a message of quiet patriotism that so many of us hope to share with the next generation.
In this new picture book, using the full text of the song President Biden quoted, we do just that. With words that speak to the soul of our nation, and art from twelve different illustrators, all depicting what America means to them, we take readers on a journey through this beautiful country—its history, its struggles, and its dignity—and throughout, we count our own blessings and think about how we can do more to share them with others, and give our best to our country and everyone in it.