Written by kindergarten teacher and Instagram influencer affectionately known as the Tutu Teacher, comes an audiobook about a class that creates a kindness pledge to ensure that their class is the kindest it can possibly be.

It’s the first day of Kindergarten and Leo isn’t at all ready. Leo is a quiet kid and would prefer to stay home. Over the summer, his new teacher, Ms. Perry sent a letter asking her students to think about how to show kindness in school. She explained that they would be making a kindness pledge, and each student should bring one way to show kindness on the first day.
As it turns out, Leo’s classmates have lots of ideas about kindness: like raising your hand, never leaving anyone out, and apologizing if you hurt someone’s feelings. At the end of the first day, Ms. Perry asks if anyone witnessed something they’d like her to add to the kindness pledge? Lots of hands shoot up in the air. Several classmates say they noticed Leo returning crayons to the box, holding the door for everyone, and helping a friend who fell. Leo smiles as he realizes he really does know a lot about kindness after all. 
A story reassuringly told by Vera Ahiyya, this story about a classroom coming together to make a kindergarten into a KINDergarten is sure to calm the nerves—and offer inspiration—to new kindergartners and the adults in their lives.
★ "Ahiyya tunes into her upbeat, proactively compassionate vibe in this story of an introverted kindergartner tenderly guided through an uncertain first day by a teacher devoted to the power of kindness." —Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Will help alleviate fears and start kids thinking about ways to create their own KINDergartens." —Kirkus Reviews

"A wonderful book to read aloud on the first day of kindergarten so classes could create their own kindness pledge." —School Library Journal