A fun and informative illustrated kids’ guide, adapted for audio, to safely and productively navigating the digital landscape.

Cellphones have become a fact of life, with children as young as eight (yes, eight!) getting their very own “devices.” Such boundless access means our kids are in nearly constant contact with technology that was designed specifically for adults. And they’re doing so without any type of road map. Enter First Phone: the essential audiobook that apprehensive parents can confidently hand to their kids to listen to as they begin their journey into the digital world.
In First Phone, Catherine Pearlman—licensed clinical social worker and parenting expert—speaks directly to eight- to twelve-year-old children about digital safety in a manner that is playful, engaging, and age-appropriate. With insights and strategies supported by the latest research, First Phone offers:
   guidance on privacy, boundaries, social media, and even sexting (yes, young children need to learn about sexting before it happens!) 
   best digital hygiene and self-care practices, including when to put the darn phone down, when to turn off notifications, and where to charge
   how to be a kind and compassionate upstander in a digital world
An essential companion when your child receives their first phone, this audiobook provides kids the tools and information they need while giving their parents peace of mind.
“Kids will want to read First Phone because it’s an informative, relatable guide. Parents will also be supported with a road map to discuss crucial issues with their children.” 
—Devorah Heitner, PhD, author of Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive (and Survive) in Their Digital World
“Catherine Pearlman talks about phone use—including the pleasures, the perils, and the pitfalls—with zero drama, tons of compassion, and a light touch. This is an invaluable resource for kids and parents both.”
—Catherine Newman, author of What Can I Say? A Kid's Guide to Super-Useful Social Skills to Help You Get Along and Express Yourself