Bernie Sanders and his millennial aide are drawn into a murder investigation in a small Vermont town in this hilarious spin on cozy mysteries from the New York Times bestselling author of Hope Never Dies: An Obama Biden Mystery

Bernie Sanders is on summer break from the Senate. In true “man of the people” fashion, he’s working at the Vermont Country Store in Eagle Creek, a quiet, picturesque resort community on Lake Champlain. After a long day chatting up voters from behind the register, he likes to unwind at his shoreline cabin with a nice cup of decaf and a cozy mystery.

When a local farmer’s body washes on shore at the Summer Jazz Festival, however, there’s nothing “cozy” about it. All signs point to the nefarious forces of Big Maple, the multinational agri-business that has been forcing Eagle Creek’s small farms to either sell or shut down.
Bernie’s aide—twentysomething Carly “Crash” Romero, who’s grudgingly joined her boss on this trip to the small town she left behind—is shocked when the sheriff declares the death an accident. Bernie isn’t surprised. Corruption is everywhere, even in rural Vermont. He’s not about to let it slide, though. Not in his own backyard.
What starts with just a few innocent questions on Bernie and Crash’s part soon turns into a full-blown amateur investigation. Before long, they are swept into a web of criminal intrigue, becoming novice sleuths just like the detectives in Bernie’s beloved paperback cozies.

Bernie has been fighting for justice for over half a century. There’s only so much that one can do via legislation, however. It’s time for the mittens to come off…not only because it’s summer, but because it’s time for evil-doers to FEEL THE BERN.
This novel is completely fictional. The real Bernie Sanders’s fight for economic, social, and environmental justice doesn’t leave much spare time to solve murders—that we know of.