The latest twisty psychological thriller from internationally-bestselling author Lucy Clarke, One of the Girls is the delicious story of a bachelorette trip on a stunning Greek island... that ends in murder.

It was supposed to be the perfect weekend away. Six very different women travel to a sun-soaked Greek island for a bachelorette trip, to celebrate Lexi’s upcoming wedding. From the glorious ocean views to the quaint tavernas and whitewashed streets, the vacation seems too good to be true. But dangerous undercurrents run beneath the sunset swims and midnight cocktails – because each of the women is hiding a secret. Someone is determined to make sure that Lexi’s marriage never happens – and that one of them doesn’t leave the island alive.
Gripping, twisty, and full of sun-soaked suspense, this timely thriller examines the joys of female friendship…as well as the deadly consequences when a relationship goes wrong.
"One of the Girls is a masterclass in simmering tension and shocking revelations. With a fascinating cast of complicated female protagonists, a raft of dark emotional backstories and a gloriously exotic location, this story delivers in spades until the very last line." --Rosie Walsh, bestelling author of The Love of My Life and Ghosted

“Exquisitely drawn with all the twists and turns you’d expect from Lucy Clarke … this was a delicious escape from the world … not to mention as close as I’ll get to a Greek Island for a while. I loved it!”--Sally Hepworth, bestselling author of The Mother-In-Law
"With an exquisite setting that crackles with tension, One of the Girls is a page-turning voyage to a remote Greek Island where friends old and new have gathered for a hen weekend. Dark and atmospheric, Clarke expertly renders the complicated female relationships with their intertwined alliances, secrets and betrayals. Lucy Clarke has proved, once again, that she is a master of the thriller genre."--Julie Clark, bestselling author of The Last Flight

"Clarke keeps the pages turning....Liane Moriarty fans may want to check this one out."--Publishers Weekly 

"Packed with secrets, drama and all the complexities of female friendship and the darkness that lurks within us, One of the Girls is the perfect beach read!" --Allie Reynolds, author of Shiver

"Brimming with tension, with such perfectly drawn characters I keep wondering what they’re doing now. Lucy Clarke gets better and better."--Clare Mackintosh, author of Hostage

"Lucy Clarke goes from strength to strength; this utterly addictive, trouble-in-paradise novel is her best yet. The plot shifts like sand beneath the reader’s feet." --Erin Kelly, bestselling author of Watch Her Fall

"I’m breathless, I raced through the last third hardly coming up for air. Talk about twists and turns. I loved the beautifully realised setting, the evocative descriptions of Greece, the food, I loved how Lucy handles such a wide varied vibrant cast of women with emotional depth and intelligence, I loved the jolts and shocks along the way . . . this is going to blow everyone’s socks off! One of the Girls is next level." --Emma Stonex, bestselling author of The Lamplighters

"I loved One Of The Girls: beautiful writing, suffused with menace, complicated female heroines, and an ending I couldn’t predict."  --Gillian McAllister, bestselling author of That Night

"Female friendships under the scrutiny of the Greek sunshine, this is an engrossing thriller with so many unexpected twists and turns." --Lisa Ballantyne, bestselling author of The Guilty One

"A taut, propulsive plot keeps the pages turning through twist after devilish twist. Lucy Clarke always delivers." --Chris Whitaker, author of We Begin at the End

"Compelling and clever; One of the Girls is expertly plotted and atmospheric with deft characterization."--Jane Shemilt, author of The Patient