Volume 4: Audio Table of Contents:
Academy Award Theater
“The Maltese Falcon” starring Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor and Sydney Greenstreet (7/3/46)
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
“The Adventures of the Black Angus” starring Tom Conway and Nigel Bruce (10/19/46)
The Big Story
“The Lottery Racket” narrated by Robert Sloane (7/21/48)
The Black Musuem
“A Blued .22 Caliber Pistol” starring Orson Welles (1952)
The Cisco Kid
“Robbery on the Railroad” starring Jack Mather and Mel Blanc (1950’s)
Cloak & Dagger
“Roof of the World” starring Raymond Edward Johnson (8/13/50)
Command Performance
With Shirley Temple, Fanny Brice, Abbott & Costello (4/19/42)
Duffy’s Tavern
“Archie and Finnegan Double Date” starring Ed “Archie” Gardner (4/6/49)
Have Gun, Will Travel
“Young Guns” starring John Dehner (7/12/59)
The Jack Benny Program
“Champion Set-Up” starring Jack Benny and all his gang (5/22/49)
The Line-Up
“The Grocery Store Matter” starring William Johnstone (2/1/51)
My Favorite Husband
“April Fool’s Day” starring Lucille Ball (4/1/49)
The Mysterious Traveler
“The Man with Insects Hated” starring Eric Dressler (7/27/47)
Richard Diamond, Private Detective
“Little Chiva” starring Dick Powell (7/27/47)
Somebody Knows
“The Unsolved Murder of Elizabeth Short aka The Black Dahlia” starring Harry Bartell (8/24/50)
“Your Devoted Wife” starring June Duprez (6/20/46)