A collection of the best and most popular programs from the Golden Age of Radio, digitally remastered, and including performances from some of Hollywood’s most beloved stars, like Edgar Bergen, Mel Blanc, Orson Welles, and many more.

Volume 19: Audio Table of Contents:

The Adventures of Ellery Queen

“The Singing Rat” starring Carlton Young (1/7/43)
The Aldrich Family
“The Thanksgiving Turkey” starring Bobby Ellis (11/23/52)

Call the Police
“The Porter Case” starring Joseph Julian (6/3/47)
The Charlie McCarthy Show
starring Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy with special guest Richard Widmark (10/26/47)
Dimension X
“Beyond Infinity” starring Joe De Santis (7/21/50)

“The Big Kill” starring Jack Webb (3/2/50)

Father Knows Best  
“A Spooky Cemetery” starring Robert Young (10/26/50)

Frontier Gentleman
“Wonder Boy” starring John Dehner (8/17/58)

The Jack Benny Program
“Tries to Get Rose Bowl Tickets" starring Jack Benny (1/4/48)

Jeff Regan, Investigator
“A Tree Grows in Encino” starring Frank Graham  (4/5/50)

The Kraft Music Hall
starring Al Jolson with special guest Humphrey Bogart (11/6/47)
The Mercury Summer Theater
“The Hitchhiker” starring Orson Welles (6/21/46)
The Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show
”Homework” starring Phil Harris and Alice Faye (10/31/48)
“The House in Cypress Canyon” starring Robert Taylor (12/5/46)
The Weird Circle
“The Thing in the Tunnel” starring Arnold Moss (3/4/45)
Whitehall 1212
“The Case of the Strange Bonfire” starring Lester Fletcher (6/8/52)