A collection of the best and most popular programs from the Golden Age of Radio, digitally remastered, and including performances from some of Hollywood’s most beloved stars, like Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Frank Sinatra, and many more.

Volume 21: Audio Table of Contents:

The Abbott and Costello Show
starring Bud Abbott and Lou Costello with special guest Bela Lugosi (5/5/48)
Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator
“Ghost of a Chance” starring William Gargan (12/19/51)
Boston Blackie
“Randolph Construction Gang Bank Robbery” starring Dick Kollmar (7/16/47)
Chandu The Magician
“The Origin Story” starring Tom Collins (2/3/49)
Creeps By Night
“Those Who Walk in Darkness” starring Boris Karloff (4/25/44)

Dangerous Assignment
“Paris—Investigate Millionaire Murder Conspiracy” starring Brian Donlevy  (8/6/49)
The Dinah Shore Show
starring Dinah Shore with special guest Frank Sinatra (5/10/45)

“The Big Laugh” starring Jack Webb (3/8/53)
Duffy’s Tavern
“Television Script” starring Ed Gardner with special guest Mickey Rooney (3/2/49)
“The Adaptive Ultimate” starring Stacy Harris (3/26/49)
Pat Novak, For Hire
“John St. John” starring Jack Webb (10/13/46)

Police Line-Up
“The Anita Cameron Case” starring William Johnstone (5/27/50)

The Six-Shooter
“Red Lawson’s Revenge” starring James Stewart (10/25/53)
This Is Your FBI
“The Swamp Killer” starring Stacy Harris (11/21/52)
X Minus One
“A Pail of Air” starring Richard Hamilton (3/28/56)
You Bet Your Life
“Secret Word: Face” starring Groucho Marx (4/13/57)