In a gripping story of survival set against the stark backdrop of the Antarctic Ocean, a couple shipwrecked on an island must trust each other with their lives

A young couple from Paris sets out on the adventure of a lifetime: a journey by sailboat around the tip of Cape Horn. But when they stop on a deserted island to explore the barren landscape, the unthinkable happens and they find themselves stranded. Unprepared to survive in the harsh conditions on the island, their only supplies from an abandoned research station, the two must depend on each other as they never have in their lives to hold on until rescue comes, if it ever arrives at all.

A stunning, harrowing tale of survival from an expert in sailing and the natural world, Suddenly tells the story of the people we become when faced with the daunting and awesome power of the natural world, and what happens to those who live through such experiences.
“Isabelle Autissier sails through literature the way she sails the ocean: with vigor, precision, and determination. . . . The result: a tense and exhilarating read.” Le Figaro
“An adventure novel somewhere between those of Jules Verne and Robert Louis Stevenson.”Le Parisien
“There’s no question about it: Isabelle Autissier is an excellent writer. . . . When it comes to describing nature, there’s no one like her. . .  You’ll devour this novel.”Express
“With a realism that will take your breath away, this novel brings you to the rawest edges of what our humanity becomes when we’re far from civilization. . . . Alone at the helm, without ever losing sight of north, Isabelle Autissier proves that in addition to being a peerless sailor, she is also a great novelist.” Lire
“Unfolds like a thriller . . . Icy, captivating, punctuated by questions about nature’s deepest instincts—Isabelle Autissier steers this novel to perfection. Get on board.” L’Obs (France)