A collection of the best and most popular programs from the Golden Age of Radio, digitally remastered, and including performances from some of Hollywood’s most beloved stars, like Orson Welles, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, and many more.

Volume 42: Audio Table of Contents:
The Adventures of Sam Spade, Detective
“The Bail Bond” starring Howard Duff (6/27/48)
Bold Venture
“Deadly Merchandise” starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall (3/26/51)
Dimension X
“Report on the Barnhouse Effect” starring William Quinn (3/29/51)
Dr. Christian
“Doris Fleming” starring Rosemary De Camp (12/26/37)
The Green Hornet
“The Smuggler Signs His Name starring Al Hodge (11/23/39)

Have Gun Will Travel
“The Englishman” starring John Dehner (1/11/59)

Inner Sanctum Mystery
“The Bog Oak Necklace” starring Raymond Edward Johnson (4/10/45)
The Lives of Harry Lime
“Too Many Crooks” starring Orson Welles (8/3/51)
Michael Shayne, Detective
 “The Case of the Purloined Corpse” starring Jeff Chandler (1948)

My Friend Irma
“Dancing Fools” starring Marie Wilson (12/15/47)

The Mysterious Traveler
“The Queen of the Cats” starring Maurice Tarplin (7/2/44)
Night Beat
“A World of His Own” starring Frank Lovejoy (2/20/50)
“The Visitor” starring Eddie Bracken (5/11/44)
This Is Your FBI 
“The Innocent Witness” starring Stacy Harris (9/12/47)

The Whistler
“Where There’s a Will” starring James Mason (2/24/49)

The Whistler
“Caesar’s Wife” starring Gerald Mohr (6/2/47)
X Minus One
“Universe” starring Abby Lewis (5/15/55)