Do you believe in impossible things? Cutie Grackle does. She has to. Otherwise, she’ll never be more than a lonely 10 year old in a cursed family.

Cutie Grackle is used to being different—she lives alone on a mountain withher feeble-minded uncle, and when she’s not sucking pebbles to trick her stomach into feeling full, she’s chatting with a weathered garden gnome forcompany. But having a flock of ravens follow you is more than just different.Cutie worries the birds are connected to the curse Uncle Horace tends tomutter about. And she’s right.
The ravens present her with a fortune from a cookie, and when she touches itshe’s pulled into a vision from her family’s past. It involves the curse and herlong-lost mother. The birds offer up a series of objects, each imbued withmemories that eventually reveal Cutie must do what her mother could not:break the curse.
Part outdoor survival adventure, part fantastical quest, Shawn K. Stout’s TheImpossible Destiny of Cutie Grackle is a journey of hope, heart, and awillingness to believe in the impossible.