In this stunning new collection of four horror stories, award-winning author Rachel Harrison explores themes of body image, complicated female friendship, heartbreak, and hauntings.
In “Reply Hazy, Try Again,” an indecisive young woman finds a mysterious Magic 8 Ball that might just have the answers she’s been looking for...or might lead her down a path of self-destruction.
In “Bachelorette,” a bridesmaid attends her childhood best friend’s bachelorette weekend, only to discover the itinerary may demand more than she’s willing to sacrifice.
In “Goblin,” an unusually brutal dieting app wreaks havoc on the life of an insecure woman preparing to attend her ex’s wedding.
In “Bad Dolls,” after a death in the family, a wayward young woman comes into possession of a strange porcelain doll that could offer a connection to her lost sister.
These dark tales navigate the complexities of modern life with humor, insight, and the occasional blood sacrifice…
“Harrison’s feminist horror novels are some of the most original and entertaining out there, and this story collection is right up there with her longer works.” – The New York Times

"This slim volume of four creepy, beautifully realized short stories illustrates that Harrison is one of our most versatile and compelling modern horror writers, capable of engrossing you for hours or keeping you up all night with what she does in just a few pages." - Paste Magazine

Praise for Rachel Harrison:
"Rachel Harrison is horror's poet laureate of quarter-life dread and existential transition." - Nat Cassidy, author of Mary: An Awakening of Terror

“Rachel Harrison’s razor sharp prose cuts straight to the bone.”–Clay McLeod Chapman, author of Ghost Eaters

"No one is writing horror that explores the intricacies of femininity like Rachel Harrison." – Mallory O'Meara, bestselling author of The Lady From the Black Lagoon

"Harrison's clever prose will have you laughing and crying at once."Molly Pohlig, author of The Unsuitable