Meet Anjali! She's the spunky star of this audiobook with a timeless message about appreciating what makes us special and honoring our different identities.

Anjali and her friends are excited to buy matching personalized license plates for their bikes--but Anjali can't find a plate with her name. She is often teased about her "different" name, and this is the last straw. Anjali is so upset that she demands her parents let her pick a new name! When they refuse, Anjali decides to take a closer look at who she is--beyond her name--and why being different means being marvelous

Actress and activist Sheetal Sheth has penned a deeply personal audiobook about the experience of feeling othered and the journey toward embracing yourself.
"The book’s message is laudable, and the protagonist is delightfully sparkly ... It’s an affirming read that will resonate with many readers." —Kirkus Reviews