In the spirit of Colleen Hoover, a heartbreaking story of one impossible summer romance that poses the question: how do you move forward if part of you can’t stop looking back?

Their attraction was instant. Can their love be forever?

When Hannah and Sonny meet they’re immediately drawn to one another. His confidence pulls her to him just as he can’t resist her warmth and starburst eyes. But their chance encounter is all too short and when next they meet Sonny seems like a different man. Something has shaken him and what he needs is a friend.

Hannah and Sonny form a bond that surpasses the understanding of their friends and families. They’ve promised each other to keep things platonic, even when their undeniable attraction makes that feel impossible. But what if they are meant to be together? Each has a secret that’s holding them back. Can they tear down the walls between them? And if they do, will they still love what’s on the other side?
“So unique and moving. I adored every lovely word!” —Josie Silver, author of One Day in December

“Gave me that gorgeous glowing happy feeling you get at the end of a truly uplifting read.” —Beth O’Leary, author of The Road Trip

“A twisty romance full of Paige’s signature passion and feeling. Classic Paige Toon from beginning to end.” —Lindsey Kelk, author of The Christmas Wish

“I always know I can trust a book by Paige Toon to give me some escapism!...Hannah and Sonny's relationship is gorgeously flirty and the whole book is uplifting, touching and romantic while hitting some pretty big topics….A pure delight to read.” —Giovanna Fletcher, author of Eve of Man

“Heart-wrenching and uplifting, all in one summery burst.” —Zoë Folbigg, author of The Note

“Queen of rom coms...You may think you know how a love story goes, but Paige is about to prove you wrong with her ‘all-time favourite’ characters.” —OK Magazine (UK)