In the spirit of Colleen Hoover, a sweeping, poignant coming-of-age story about three identical sisters who each fall in love with the same boy next door, calling into question everything they know about themselves and their sisterhood.

Three sisters. Three love stories. A secret that changes everything.

Phoebe, Eliza, and Rose are three identical sisters who couldn’t be more different. When they’re seventeen, a beautiful boy moves in next door and nobody is surprised when Angus and Phoebe fall in love. Everybody loves Phoebe. But is she the sister he’s meant to be with? When Phoebe spends a summer in the French Alps, she meets a man who makes her wonder the same question.
Ten years later, it’s two weeks until Phoebe’s wedding when something unexpected changes all of their lives. Eliza will have to face a love from her past, one that could unmoor her or finally mend her broken heart. Meanwhile Rose, who has always been the responsible one, is ready for change—but is she ready for the man fate will bring? Angus will always be the boy next door in each of their hearts, but who is each sister meant to fall in love with?
“You’ll love it, cry buckets and be uplifted.” —Marian Keyes, author of Sushi for Beginners

“Devoured this is one sitting.” —Cosmopolitan

“I blubbed, I laughed, and I fell in love…Utterly heart-wrenching.” —Giovanna Fletcher, author of Eve of Man

“Brilliant characters and heart-fluttering romance….This poignant novel was a constant surprise, packing not only a whirlwind of emotions on every page, but also a hugely gripping story—and we fell absolutely in love with it’ —Heat (UK)

“For smart romantic fiction, look no further….Prepare yourself for a massive twist.” —Red (UK)

“A beautiful story of love and loss.” —My Weekly (UK)

“Expect tears, twists and belly laughs as Paige Toon, the queen of chick-lit, is back and better than ever.” —New (UK)

“This fresh take on the good old-fashioned fairy tale will make you laugh and cry.” —Closer (UK)

‘This is an enjoyable read, populated with engaging characters—I couldn’t put it down’ —Daily Mail (UK)

“Funny, smart and properly emosh, this ticks all our must-read boxes.” —Fabulous, Sun on Sunday (UK)