For years, a little group of priests and nuns have struggled together to recover from the rule of virtual slavery imposed upon them by tyrannical Father Angelico, now thankfully gone to his reward. But for some of them the group is no longer a godsend. The ties that once bound beloved Father Rick Casserly, beautiful former nun Dora Ricardo, defrocked priest Jerry Anderson, and warm and lovely school principal Lil Niedermier unshakably to their church are becoming dangerously frayed by the human passions their faith denies them. No one foresees the terrible events that will soon leave one of them dead, and only Father Koesler, in the wisdom of his seventy years, grasps the shocking truth. . . .
“The real mystery of the novel is figuring out who this dead person is. The book’s prologue takes place at the grave of an unnamed person, whose life changed many others, beginning forty years earlier. The identity of the dead person is not revealed until the death finally occurs near the novel’s end.”
–Flint Journal

“Kienzle uses his considerable skill as a writer to take us deeply into the lives of each of the principal characters, bringing them alive with all their flaws and virtues. Kienzle’s intimate knowledge of the Catholic Church gives a rare behind-the-scenes look at some of the church’s most heated issues.”
–Knoxville News-Sentinel

“Kienzle has a good eye for detail and a good ear for dialogue. . . . Till Death is one of his best recent novels.”
Star Press (Muncie, IN)