Katie is an ordinary third-grader–except for one very extraordinary problem! She accidentally wished on a shooting star to be anyone but herself. But what Katie soon learns is that wishes really do come true–and in the strangest ways . . .

Any Way You Slice It
Katie offers to help the owner of her favorite pizza shop run a pizza-eating contest. But, when Katie turns into Louie the chef, how will the pizzas for the contest get made? Katie's clueless! She's never cooked anything without her mom before!

Quiet on the Set!
Katie and her friends are so excited when they find out that a movie is being filmed right in their town. And what makes it even better is that the star of the movie is Rosie Moran–the world’s most popular child actress. Katie not only gets to meet Rosie, but she also turns into her. Will Katie shine in the spotlight, or will she get stage fright?