Meet Jonathan Quinn: a freelance operative with a take-no-prisoners style and the heart of a loner. His job? Professional “cleaner.” Nothing too violent, just disposing of bodies. But in Brett Battles’s electrifying debut novel, Quinn’s latest assignment will change everything.

The job seemed simple enough: investigating a suspicious case of arson. But when a dead body turns up–and Quinn’s handlers at “the Office” turn strangely silent–he knows he’s in over his head. With only a handful of clues, Quinn struggls to find out why someone wants him dead . . . and if it’s linked to a larger attempt to wipe out the Office.

Quinn’s only hope may be Orlando, a woman from his past who may hold the key to solving the case.  Suddenly the two are prying into old crimes, crisscrossing continents, and struggling to stay alive. But as the hunt intensifies, Quinn is stunned by a chilling secret . . . and a brilliantly orchestrated conspiracy.

Furiously paced, filled with superbly drawn characters and pitch-perfect dialogue, THE CLEANER confirms Battles’s place as one of the most exciting new talents in suspense fiction.
“Brett Battles makes a grand entrance into the thriller scene with this unputdownable spy novel. The Cleaner has it all: exotic locales, James Bondian derring-do, and ingenious plot twists that will keep you sweating all the way ’til the end.”—Tess Gerritsen, bestselling author of The Bone Garden

“This book is a pure delight. Protagonist Jonathan Quinn is a unique and welcome addition to the world of crime fiction. The Cleaner is a brilliant and heart-pounding thriller; I’m on the edge of my seat, awaiting future installments of Quinn’s adventures.”—Jeffery Deaver, bestselling author of The Broken Window

“A page-turner that may remind some readers of the cult TV spy series Alias . . . .Quinn [is] a compelling protagonist. . . . Admirers of quality espionage fiction can look forward to a new series worth following.”Publishers Weekly

“It’s always great to discover a new writer who can turn a genre on its ear. The Cleaner proves the case. Part Raymond Chandler, part Clive Cussler, part Robert Ludlum, here is an international thriller chocked full of action, taut with suspense, and laced with a fair amount of humor and romance. An exciting debut by a major new talent—I look forward to seeing what comes next!”—James Rollins, bestselling author of The Judas Strain

The Cleaner is one of the most enjoyable thrillers I’ve read in a while. It has all the elements necessary—an unrelenting pace, likeable heroes, despicable bad guys with evil plots and mayhem aplenty. Can’t wait for the next one.”Wichita Falls Times Record News

“Exciting . . . [a] globe-trotting page-turner . . . Well written and frighteningly believable, The Cleaner balances cool gadgets, killer action and emotional twists just like master spy novelists Charles McCarry and John le Carré. . . . One hell of a read.”E News

“Battles hits for extra bases in his first novel. The Cleaner is a tightly written page-turner, filled with tradecraft and offering as much action as a James Bond film. . . . A wild ride.”Booklist

“Battles spins a tense tale of betrayal and revenge in The Cleaner.San Diego Union-Tribune