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Armageddon in Retrospect Cover
Author: Kurt Vonnegut | Narrator: Rip Torn
Release Date: April 01, 2008
The New York Times bestseller from the author of Slaughterhouse-Five—a “gripping” posthumous collection of Kurt Vonnegut’s previously unpublished work on the subject of war and peace. A fitting tribute to a literary legend and...
Armageddon in Retrospect Cover
Author: Toni Morrison | Narrator: Toni Morrison
Release Date: August 14, 2007
From the acclaimed Nobel Prize winner: Two girls who grow up to become women. Two friends who become something worse than enemies. This brilliantly imagined novel brings us the story of Nel Wright and Sula Peace, who meet as children in the small...
Author: J.K. Rowling | Narrator: Jim Dale
Release Date: July 21, 2007
It all comes down to this - a final faceoff between good and evil. You plan to pull out all the stops, but every time you solve one mystery, three more evolve. Do you stay the course you started, despite your lack of progress? Do you detour and follo...
Author: Robert Louis Stevenson | Narrator: Alfred Molina
Release Date: May 15, 2007
Perhaps the greatest of all adventure stories for boys and girls, Treasure Island began, a brave boy who finds himself among pirates, and of the sinister pirate-cook Long John Silver holds children as entranced today as it did a century ago. It has a...
Author: Max Brooks | Narrator: Various
Release Date: September 12, 2006
#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • “Prepare to be entranced by this addictively readable oral history of the great war between humans and zombies.”—Entertainment Weekly We survived the zombie apocalypse, but how many...
Author: Terry Brooks | Narrator: Alexander Adams
Release Date: April 11, 2006
Based on the screenplay and story by George LucasIn barren desert lands and seedy vast underwater cities and in the blackest depths of space...unfolds a tale of good and evil, of myth and magic, of innocence and power. At last the sa...
The Odyssey Cover
Author: Homer | Narrator: Ian McKellen
Release Date: November 29, 2005
The Odyssey is literature's grandest evocation of every man's journey through life. In the myths and legends that are retold here, the energy and poetry of Homer's original is captured in a bold, contemporary idiom, giving us an edition of ...
The Odyssey Cover
Author: Vladimir Nabokov | Narrator: Jeremy Irons
Release Date: September 20, 2005
Awe and exhiliration--along with heartbreak and mordant wit--abound in Lolita, Nabokov's most famous and controversial novel, which tells the story of the aging Humbert Humbert's obsessive, devouring, and doomed passion for the nymphet Dolores Haze. ...
A Widow for One Year Cover
Author: John Irving | Narrator: George Guidall
Release Date: July 12, 2005
Ruth Cole is a complex, often self-contradictory character--a "difficult" woman.  By no means is she conventionally "nice," but she will never be forgotten.Ruth's story is told in three parts, each focusing on a crucial ...
A Widow for One Year Cover
Author: Jules Verne | Narrator: Jim Dale
Release Date: April 12, 2005
Shocking his stodgy colleagues at the exclusive Reform Club, enigmatic Englishman Phileas Fogg wagers his fortune, undertaking an extraordinary and daring enterprise to circumnavigate the globe in eighty days. With his French valet Passepartout in t...
Garlic and Sapphires Cover
Author: Ruth Reichl | Narrator: Ruth Reichl
Release Date: April 04, 2005
Includes an interview with the author and recipe cards! GARLIC AND SAPPHIRES is Ruth Reichl's riotous account of the many disguises she employs to dine anonymously. There is her stint as Molly Hollis, a frumpy blond with manicured nails and an off-b...
Garlic and Sapphires Cover
Jackdaws Cover
Author: Ken Follett | Narrator: Kate Reading
Release Date: January 10, 2005
D-Day is approaching. They don’t know where or when, but the Germans know it’ll be soon, and for Felicity “Flick” Clariet, the stakes have never been higher. A senior agent in the ranks of the Special Operations Executive (S...
Jackdaws Cover