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Biography & Autobiography - Military
Above the Pacific Cover
Author: Colin Heaton | Narrator: Sean Runnette, Steve Hendrickson, Colin Heaton and Gary Bennett
Release Date: February 07, 2023
Three legendary fighter pilots from the Pacific War—all recipients of the Medal of Honor—tell their own stories in this remarkable collection.Marine ace Pappy Boyington is perhaps the most celebrated of all American pilots in the war agai...
ISBN: 9780593671481
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Above the Pacific Cover
Chuck Yeager Cover
Author: Don Keith | Narrator: Josh Robert Thompson
Release Date: December 06, 2022
For Dutton Caliber's American War Heroes series, the riveting true story of United States Air Force officer, flying ace, and record-setting test pilot Chuck Yeager.Bold, brash, and brimming with courage, Chuck Yeager burst onto the scene as a na...
ISBN: 9780593627150
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Chuck Yeager Cover
Personality and Power Cover
Author: Ian Kershaw |
Release Date: November 15, 2022
One of New York Magazine's Most Anticipated Books of the FallHow far can a single leader alter the course of history?From one of the leading historians of twentieth-century Europe and the author of the definitive biography of Hitler, Personality and ...
ISBN: 9780593629314
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Personality and Power Cover
Author: Stephen L. Moore | Narrator: Johnny Heller
Release Date: May 17, 2022
A stirring World War II combat story of how the legendary George Patton reinvigorated a defeated and demoralized army corps, and how his men claimed victory over Germany’s most-feared general, Erwin Rommel “Moore brings you to the battle...
Author: James D. Hornfischer | Narrator: Christopher Newton and Sharon Hornfischer
Release Date: May 03, 2022
A close-up, action-filled narrative about the crucial role the U.S. Navy played in the early years of the Cold War, from the New York Times bestselling author of The Fleet at Flood Tide“A lucid, fast-moving and fitting finale to [Hornfischer&rs...
Author: Andrew Gerow Hodges Jr. and Denise George | Narrator: Jack Armstrong
Release Date: December 07, 2021
In 1944, hundreds of Allied soldiers were trapped in POW camps in occupied France. The odds of their survival were long. The odds of escaping, even longer. But one man had the courage to fight the odds . . .   An elite British S.A...
Author: Leon Goldensohn | Narrator: Joshua Kane and Noah Michael Levine
Release Date: November 16, 2021
The Nuremberg Interviews reveals the chilling innermost thoughts of the former Nazi officials under indictment at the famous postwar trial. The architects of one of history’s greatest atrocities speak out about their lives, their careers in the...
Author: John C. McManus | Narrator: Walter Dixon
Release Date: November 09, 2021
In Fire and Fortitude—winner of the Gilder Lehrman Prize for Military History—John C. McManus presented a riveting account of the US Army's fledgling fight in the Pacific following Pearl Harbor. Now, in Island Infernos, he explores the Ar...
Author: John Musgrave | Narrator: John Musgrave
Release Date: November 02, 2021
A Marine's searing and intimate story—"A passionate, fascinating, and deeply humane memoir of both war and of the hard work of citizenship and healing in war’s aftermath. A superb addition to our understanding of the Vietnam War, and of i...
Author: Michael Herr | Narrator: Ray Porter
Release Date: October 05, 2021
"The best book to have been written about the Vietnam War" (The New York Times Book Review); an instant classic straight from the front lines.From its terrifying opening pages to its final eloquent words, Dispatches makes us see, in un...
Author: Allen C. Guelzo | Narrator: Jason Culp
Release Date: September 28, 2021
A WALL STREET JOURNAL BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR • From the award-winning historian and best-selling author of Gettysburg comes the definitive biography of Robert E. Lee. An intimate look at the Confederate general in all his complexity&mda...
Author: David Philipps | Narrator: Andrew Eiden
Release Date: August 24, 2021
An “infuriating, fast-paced” (The Washington Post) account of the Navy SEALs of Alpha platoon, the startling accusations against their chief, Eddie Gallagher, and the courtroom battle that exposed the dark underbelly of America’s sp...