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Author: Ram Charan and Larry Bossidy | Narrator: Kevin Gray
Release Date: October 19, 2004
Confronting Reality will change the way you think about and run your business. It is the first book that shows how to connect the big picture of the new era of business with the nitty-gritty of what to do about it. Through a completely new way to und...
Author: Jaclyn Easton | Narrator: Jaclyn Easton
Release Date: April 23, 2002
Going Wireless delivers the unexpected by showing how wireless is transforming every type of enterprise from micro-businesses to multi-national conglomerates. Award-winning technology journalist Jaclyn Easton begins with an in-depth look at owning yo...
Author: David J. Morrison and Adrian J. Slywotzky | Narrator: David J. Morrison and Adrian J. Slywotzky
Release Date: November 07, 2000
Adrian Slywotzky and David Morrison are back with another brilliant and practical book dealing with the big issues that keep the managers of every company awake at night: How do I keep my company from being "Amazoned," and how do I "an...
Author: Richard Schroeder and Mikel Harry, Ph.D. | Narrator: James Lurie
Release Date: July 04, 2000
The extraordinary breakthrough management program--heralded by GE, Motorola, and AlliedSignal--that is sweeping corporate America with its unprecedented ability to achieve superior financial results.Six Sigma is the most powerful breakthrough managem...