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Ideaflow Cover
Author: Perry Klebahn and Jeremy Utley |
Release Date: October 25, 2022
Ideaflow: the number of ideas you or your team can generate in a set amount of timeWe all want great ideas, but few actually understand how great ideas are born. Innovation is not an event, a workshop, a sprint, or a hackathon. It’s a result of...
ISBN: 9780593613450
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Ideaflow Cover
When McKinsey Comes to Town Cover
Author: Walt Bogdanich and Michael Forsythe |
Release Date: October 04, 2022
An explosive, deeply reported exposé of McKinsey & Company, the international consulting firm that advises corporations and governments, that highlights the often drastic impact of its work on employees and citizens around the worldMcKinse...
ISBN: 9780593628287
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When McKinsey Comes to Town Cover
Lead to Win Cover
Author: Carla A. Harris | Narrator: Carla A. Harris
Release Date: September 13, 2022
The author of Expect To Win and Strategize To Win steps out with dynamic strategies for leaders of today and tomorrow.Work has undergone a sea change, introducing a new matrix of concerns and questions for leaders and potential leaders. What does it ...
ISBN: 9780593612293
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Lead to Win Cover
Author: Sun Tzu and Sun Pin | Narrator: Hector Velasco
Release Date: October 14, 2021
Por mas de dos siglos, El arte de la guerra ha sido la guía mas completa de estrategia militar. Un clásico de la literatura china, se ha convertido en lectura esencial para quienes buscan el éxito, tanto en la vida personal como ...
Author: Jonathan A. Knee | Narrator: Jonathan A. Knee
Release Date: September 07, 2021
An investment banker and professor explains what really drives success in the tech economyMany think that they understand the secrets to the success of the biggest tech companies: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google. It's the platform econom...
Author: Matthew Barzun | Narrator: Matthew Barzun
Release Date: June 01, 2021
“This book is a breakthrough. It’s beautifully written, perfectly timed and heralds a new way forward. I’m buying a dozen copies to share with friends and colleagues.” -Seth Godin, Founder of altMBA and author of The Practice ...
Author: Andrew S. Grove | Narrator: Marc Cashman
Release Date: April 27, 2021
The essential skill of creating and maintaining new businesses—the art of the entrepreneur—can be summed up in a single word: managing. In High Output Management, Andrew S. Grove, former chairman and CEO (and employee number three) of Int...
Author: Ram Charan | Narrator: Arthur Morey
Release Date: April 06, 2021
How do you gain an edge in the digital world order? “Another book for the ages from a master! . . . Particularly insightful is his emphasis on how the end-to-end individual consumer experience will separate winners from losers in our new d...
Author: Tom Eisenmann | Narrator: Robert Fass
Release Date: March 30, 2021
If you want your startup to succeed, you need to understand why startups fail.“Whether you’re a first-time founder or looking to bring innovation into a corporate environment, Why Startups Fail is essential reading.”&mdash...
Author: Paul Smith | Narrator: Paul Smith
Release Date: March 23, 2021
NOW AN OWL (Outstanding Work of Literature) Leadership Award Winner!Every great leader is a great storyteller.As a manager, CEO, or team leader, how can you innovatively engage your employees so that they understand where your organization came from,...
Author: Cal Newport | Narrator: Kevin R. Free
Release Date: March 02, 2021
New York Times bestseller! From New York Times bestselling author Cal Newport comes a bold vision for liberating workers from the tyranny of the inbox--and unleashing a new era of productivity.Modern knowledge workers communicate constantly. The...
Author: Chris Czarnik | Narrator: David H. Lawrence XVII
Release Date: February 23, 2021
Get Down to Business by Getting the Best People to Work for Your TeamWith more jobs than people to fill them, we are entering an era where employees have CHOICES! If you are going to hire and maintain the best of the best, employers need to wake up a...