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Business & Economics - Forecasting
Author: Marian Salzman | Narrator: Vivienne Leheny
Release Date: May 03, 2022
A pioneering forecaster predicts the trends and technologies that will shape global culture and commerce in the next two decades—a must-read guide for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking for an edge.“In a world of half-bak...
The Map and the Territory Cover
Author: Alan Greenspan | Narrator: Malcolm Hillgartner
Release Date: October 22, 2013
From the bestselling author of The Age of Turbulence and Capitalism in America Like all of us, though few so visibly, Alan Greenspan was forced by the financial crisis of 2008 to question some fundamental assumptions about risk management and economi...
The Map and the Territory Cover
Author: Jim Rogers | Narrator: Michael Bybee
Release Date: February 05, 2013
Wall Street legend and bestselling author Jim Rogers offers investing insights and economic, political, and social analysis, drawing on lessons and observations from his lifetime in the markets.  Jim Rogers, whose entertaining accounts of his tr...
Author: Nate Silver | Narrator: Mike Chamberlain
Release Date: September 27, 2012
UPDATED FOR 2020 WITH A NEW PREFACE BY NATE SILVER"One of the more momentous books of the decade." —The New York Times Book ReviewNate Silver built an innovative system for predicting baseball performance, predicted the 2008 election within a h...
Author: Duncan J. Watts | Narrator: Duncan J. Watts
Release Date: March 29, 2011
By understanding how and when common sense fails, we can improve our understanding of the present and better plan for the future. Drawing on the latest scientific research, along with a wealth of historical and contemporary examples, Watts shows...
Author: George Friedman | Narrator: Bruce Turk
Release Date: January 25, 2011
The author of the acclaimed New York Times bestseller The Next 100 Years now focuses his geopolitical forecasting acumen on the next decade and the imminent events and challenges that will test America and the world, specifically addressing the skill...
Crisis Economics Cover
Author: Nouriel Roubini and Stephen Mihm | Narrator: L. J. Ganser
Release Date: May 13, 2010
This myth shattering book reveals the methods Nouriel Roubini used to foretell the current crisis before other economists saw it coming and shows how those methods can help us make sense of the present and prepare for the future.Renowned economist No...
Crisis Economics Cover
Author: Bruce Bueno De Mesquita | Narrator: Sean Runnette
Release Date: September 29, 2009
Bruce Bueno de Mesquita is a master of game theory, which is a fancy label for a simple idea: People compete, and they always do what they think is in their own best interest. Bueno de Mesquita uses game theory and its insights into human behavior to...
Changewave Investing 2.0 Cover
Author: Tobin Smith | Narrator: Tobin Smith
Release Date: October 16, 2001
In his groundbreaking first book, Changewave Investing, investment guru Tobin Smith revealed his secrets for scoring triple-digit returns in the stock market by focusing on the emerging sectors that had the best potential for explosive growth, what S...
Changewave Investing 2.0 Cover