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Family & Relationships - Education
Taking the Stress Out of Homework Cover
Author: Abby Freireich and Brian Platzer
Release Date: March 02, 2021
A practical, stress-reducing guide to help parents navigate the challenges of homework with their children--for success at school and beyond--from two experienced teachers and the founders of Teachers Who Tutor.In their sought-after tutoring business...
Taking the Stress Out of Homework Cover
Author: Jacques Steinberg and Eric J. Furda | Narrator: Jacques Steinberg and Eric J. Furda
Release Date: September 22, 2020
From an Ivy League dean and a college admissions expert, a guide to help parents support their children as they navigate their way to collegeThe College Conversation is a comprehensive resource for mapping the path through the college application pro...
Author: Diane Tavenner | Narrator: Pamela Dillman
Release Date: September 17, 2019
A blueprint for how parents can stop worrying about their children’s future and start helping them prepare for it, from the cofounder and CEO of one of America’s most innovative public-school networksBILL GATES’S HOLIDAY READING LIS...
Author: Natalie Wexler | Narrator: Natalie Wexler
Release Date: August 06, 2019
The untold story of the root cause of America's education crisis--and the seemingly endless cycle of multigenerational poverty.It was only after years within the education reform movement that Natalie Wexler stumbled across a hidden explanation for o...
Author: Suzanne Bouffard | Narrator: Thérèse Plummer
Release Date: September 05, 2017
An eye-opening look inside pre-K in America and what it will take to give all children the best start in school possible. At the heart of this groundbreaking book are two urgent questions: What do our young children need in the earliest years of sch...
Thirty Million Words Cover
Author: Dana Suskind | Narrator: Kathleen McInerney
Release Date: September 08, 2015
The founder and director of the Thirty Million Words Initiative, Professor Dana Suskind, explains why the most important—and astoundingly simple—thing you can do for your child’s future success in life is to to talk to them.What nur...
Thirty Million Words Cover