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Fiction - Fantasy - Romance
A Dark and Drowning Tide Cover
Author: Allison Saft |
Release Date: March 05, 2024
A sharp-tongued folklorist must pair up with her academic rival to solve their mentor's murder in this lush and enthralling sapphic fantasy romance from the New York Times bestselling author of A Far Wilder Magic.Lorelei Kaskel, a folklorist wit...
A Dark and Drowning Tide Cover
A Fate Inked in Blood Cover
Author: Danielle L. Jensen |
Release Date: February 27, 2024
A shield maiden blessed by the gods battles to unite a nation under a power-hungry king—while also fighting her growing desire for his fiery son—in the first book of a Norse-inspired fantasy romance series from the bestselling author of T...
A Fate Inked in Blood Cover
Emily Wilde's Map of the Otherlands Cover
Author: Heather Fawcett | Narrator: Ell Potter and Michael Dodds
Release Date: January 16, 2024
When mysterious faeries from other realms appear at her university, curmudgeonly professor Emily Wilde must uncover their secrets before it’s too late, in this heartwarming, enchanting second installment of the Emily Wilde series.Emily Wilde is...
Emily Wilde's Map of the Otherlands Cover
Hunt on Dark Waters Cover
Author: Katee Robert | Narrator: Will Watt and Simone Lewis
Release Date: November 07, 2023
A stern captain meets his witchy match in this captivating first fantasy romance novel in the Crimson Sails series from Katee Robert, the New York Times bestselling author of the TikTok smash-hit Neon Gods. Evelyn is a witch with a perfect storm of i...
Hunt on Dark Waters Cover
Author: Kate Golden | Narrator: Joe Arden and Ruby Cherise
Release Date: October 10, 2023
The breakout TikTok fantasy romance, now with special bonus material!Captured by the king of darkness, she was forced to find the light within.Arwen Valondale never expected to be the brave one, offering her life to save her brother’s. Now she&...
Author: Evelyn Skye | Narrator: Joe Arden, Evelyn Skye and Aspen Vincent
Release Date: August 01, 2023
A woman discovers that she is part of a legendary love story that spans lives, years, and continents in this modern-day reimagining of Romeo and Juliet.“Cleverly imagines the epilogue Romeo and Juliet didn’t get to have, and how curses ca...
Author: Genevieve Gornichec | Narrator: Nina Yndis
Release Date: July 25, 2023
The lives of two women—one desperate only to save her missing sister, the other a witch destined to become queen of Norway—intertwine in this spellbinding, powerful novel of Viking Age history and myth from the acclaimed author of The Wit...
Author: Alexis Hall | Narrator: Nneka Okoye
Release Date: June 06, 2023
A young noblewoman must pair up with an alleged witch to ward off a curse in this irresistible sapphic romance from the bestselling author of Boyfriend Material.“Fresh and delightful . . . All the interpersonal drama of Jane Austen meets all th...
Author: Mark Lawrence | Narrator: Jessica Whittaker
Release Date: May 09, 2023
Two strangers find themselves connected by a vast and mysterious library containing many wonders and still more secrets, in this powerfully moving first book in a new series from the international bestselling author of Red Sister and Prince of Thorns...
Author: Brian Feehan | Narrator: Will Peters
Release Date: February 21, 2023
Danger threatens to shatter the hope for a new beginning in a world of angels and demons in this explosive paranormal romance by author Brian Feehan, son of legendary #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan.After being forced away for s...
Author: Heather Fawcett | Narrator: Ell Potter and Michael Dodds
Release Date: January 10, 2023
NATIONAL BESTSELLER • A curmudgeonly professor journeys to a small town in the far north to study faerie folklore and discovers dark fae magic, friendship, and love in the start of a heartwarming and enchanting new fantasy se...
Author: Grace Draven | Narrator: Katharine Lee McEwan
Release Date: November 08, 2022
A woman with the gift to speak to the dead—and the assassin pursuing her—may be the only chance a crumbling empire has of holding back true evil, in this electrifying fantasy romance from the USA Today bestselling author of Radiance.Siora...