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History - Military - World War II
Picasso's War Cover
Author: Hugh Eakin |
Release Date: July 12, 2022
A riveting story of how dueling ambitions and the power of prodigy made America the cultural center of the world—and Picasso the most famous artist alive—in the shadow of World War IIIn January 1939, Picasso was renowned in Europe, but li...
Picasso's War Cover
The Pope at War Cover
Author: David I. Kertzer |
Release Date: June 07, 2022
Based on newly opened Vatican archives, a groundbreaking, explosive, and riveting book about Pope Pius XII and his actions during World War II, including how he responded to the Holocaust, by the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of The Pope and Mu...
ISBN: 9780593605769
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The Pope at War Cover
The Hangman and His Wife Cover
Author: Nancy Dougherty |
Release Date: May 24, 2022
An astonishing journey into the heart of Nazi evil; a portrait of one of the darkest figures of Hitler’s Nazi elite, the designer and executor of the Holocaust, chief of the Reich Main Security, including the Gestapo; interwoven with commentary...
The Hangman and His Wife Cover
Patton's Payback Cover
Author: Stephen L. Moore |
Release Date: May 17, 2022
A stirring World War II combat story of how the legendary George Patton reinvigorated a defeated and demoralized army corps, and how his men claimed victory over Germany’s most-feared general, Erwin Rommel In March 1943, in their first fight w...
Patton's Payback Cover
Against All Odds Cover
Author: Alex Kershaw | Narrator: Mark Bramhall
Release Date: March 22, 2022
The national bestselling author of The First Wave tells the untold story of four of the most decorated soldiers of World War II—all Medal of Honor recipients—from the beaches of French Morocco to Hitler’s own mountaintop fortre...
Against All Odds Cover
Author: John Wukovits | Narrator: Gregory Jones
Release Date: February 01, 2022
The riveting true account of the Battle of Tarawa, an epic World War II clash in which the U.S. Marines fought the Japanese nearly to the last man. In November 1943, the men of the 2d Marine Division were instructed to clear out Japanese resistance o...
Author: Harald Jähner | Narrator: Rob Shapiro
Release Date: January 11, 2022
How does a nation recover from fascism and turn toward a free society once more? This internationally acclaimed revelatory history of the transformational decade that followed World War II illustrates how Germany raised itself out of the ashes of def...
Author: Andrew Gerow Hodges Jr. and Denise George | Narrator: Jack Armstrong
Release Date: December 07, 2021
In 1944, hundreds of Allied soldiers were trapped in POW camps in occupied France. The odds of their survival were long. The odds of escaping, even longer. But one man had the courage to fight the odds . . .   An elite British S.A...
Author: John C. McManus | Narrator: Walter Dixon
Release Date: November 09, 2021
From the author of Fire and Fortitude, the continuation of the US Army's epic crusade in the Pacific War, from the battle of Saipan to the occupation of JapanJohn C. McManus's award-winning Fire and Fortitude enthralled readers with an unforgettable ...
Author: Judith Mackrell | Narrator: Julie Teal
Release Date: November 02, 2021
The riveting, untold history of a group of heroic women reporters who revolutionized the narrative of World War II—from Martha Gellhorn, who out-scooped her husband, Ernest Hemingway, to Lee Miller, a Vogue cover model turned ...
Author: Martin Dugard | Narrator: Samuel Roukin
Release Date: September 07, 2021
NATIONAL BESTSELLER • From Martin Dugard, the #1 New York Times bestselling coauthor of the Killing series with Bill O’Reilly, comes the spellbinding story of the Allied liberation of Paris from the grip of the Nazis during World War II&ld...
Author: Adam Tooze | Narrator: Simon Vance and Adam Tooze
Release Date: August 03, 2021
"Masterful . . . [A] painstakingly researched, astonishingly erudite study…Tooze has added his name to the roll call of top-class scholars of Nazism." —Financial TimesAn extraordinary mythology has grown up around the Third Reich th...