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Juvenile Nonfiction - People & Places - United States - Native American
She Persisted: Wilma Mankiller Cover
Author: Chelsea Clinton and Traci Sorell | Narrator: Tanis Parenteau
Release Date: October 04, 2022
Inspired by the #1 New York Times bestseller She Persisted by Chelsea Clinton and Alexandra Boiger comes a chapter book series about women who spoke up and rose up against the odds--including Wilma Mankiller!The descendant of Cherokee ancestors who h...
ISBN: 9780593630143
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She Persisted: Wilma Mankiller Cover
Finding My Dance Cover
Author: Ria Thundercloud |
Release Date: September 13, 2022
In her debut picture book, professional Indigenous dancer Ria Thundercloud tells the true story of her path to dance and how it helped her take pride in her Native American heritage.At four years old, Ria Thundercloud was brought into the powwow circ...
ISBN: 9780593610831
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Finding My Dance Cover
Indigenous America Cover
Author: Liam McDonald |
Release Date: August 30, 2022
“A powerful series that fills in the cracks and illuminates the shadows of the past.” –Sherri L. Smith, award-winning author of Flygirl Introducing a new nonfiction series that uncovers hidden histories of the United States.The...
ISBN: 9780593593066
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Indigenous America Cover
Author: Christine Day and Chelsea Clinton | Narrator: Chelsea Clinton and Tanis Parenteau
Release Date: November 16, 2021
Inspired by the #1 New York Times bestseller She Persisted by Chelsea Clinton and Alexandra Boiger comes a chapter book series about women who stood up, spoke up and rose up against the odds--including Maria Tallchief! In this chapter book biography ...
Author: David Grann | Narrator: Joe Ochman, Jon Lindstrom and Kyla Garcia
Release Date: November 16, 2021
The New York Times bestseller and National Book Award finalist Killers of the Flower Moon is now adapted for young readers.This book is an essential resource for young readers to learn about the Reign of Terror against the&nb...
Author: James Buckley, Jr. and Who HQ | Narrator: Charley Flyte
Release Date: October 26, 2021
Learn how this heroic group of American Indian men created a secret, unbreakable code and helped the US win major battles during World War II in this new addition to the #1 New York Times bestselling series.By the time the United States joined the Se...
Author: Brad Meltzer and Various | Narrator: Tanis Parenteau
Release Date: February 05, 2019
Sacagawea, the only Native American included in Lewis and Clark’s historic expedition, joins the inspiring list of heroes whose stories are told in this New York Times Bestselling biography series.   Sacagawea was the only girl, and the o...
Author: Rosemary Wells and Maria Tallchief | Narrator: Gabrielle De Cuir and Connie Mustang
Release Date: June 05, 2018
Growing up on the Osage Indian reservation, Maria Tallchief was a gifted pianist and dancer. According to Osage tradition, women are not permitted to dance, but Maria's parents recognized her gifts and allowed her to break the rule. Then when Maria r...
Author: Joseph Bruchac | Narrator: Scott Peterson
Release Date: February 06, 2018
The True Story of Sitting Bull from multi-award-winning author Joseph Bruchac.Anxious to be given a name as strong and brave as that of his father, a proud Lakota Sioux grows into manhood, acting with careful deliberation, determination, and bravery,...
Author: Steve Sheinkin | Narrator: Mark Bramhall
Release Date: January 17, 2017
When superstar athlete Jim Thorpe and football legend Pop Warner met in 1904 at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Pennsylvania, they forged one of the winningest teams in American football history. Called "the team that invented football," the...
Author: Catherine Gourley | Narrator: Hillary Huber
Release Date: August 02, 2016
Born in 1925, Maria Tallchief spent part of her childhood on an Osage reservation in Oklahoma. With the support of her family and world-renowned choreographer George Balanchine, she rose to the top of her art form to become America's first prima ball...