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Juvenile Nonfiction - Science & Nature - Earth Sciences
Where Is the North Pole? Cover
Author: Megan Stine and Who HQ |
Release Date: October 11, 2022
Young armchair adventurers can travel to the topmost point on the globe and learn all about the vast region surrounding the North Pole.It might seem lonely at the top of the world, but the North Pole is teeming with life! Polar bears, walruses, and a...
ISBN: 9780593610619
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Where Is the North Pole? Cover
Courage Like Kate Cover
Author: Anna Crowley Redding | Narrator: Arischa Conner
Release Date: August 16, 2022
An inspiring audiobook biography based on the life of Kate Moore, a twelve-year-old lighthouse keeper in the 19th century who saved the lives of twenty-three sailors.With an evocative text and stunning illustrations, travel back to the stormy, rocky ...
ISBN: 9780593586341
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Courage Like Kate Cover
Author: Who HQ and Ben Hubbard | Narrator: René Ruiz
Release Date: August 16, 2022
The What Do We Know About? series explores the mysterious, the unknown, and the unexplained. Are the geometric field patterns fact, myth, or legend?What Do We Know About Crop Circles? lets curious young readers learn about the phenomenon of crop...
ISBN: 9780593593165
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Author: Jane Lindholm and Melody Bodette | Narrator: Jane Lindholm and Melody Bodette
Release Date: June 28, 2022
Do you know why whales sing? Or why pufferfish puff up? Or how coral changes color? You will after you listen to this audiobook!From the creators of the popular podcast But Why comes a new nonfiction series for kids answering all their most curious q...
Author: Danica Novgorodoff | Narrator: Nicholas Guy Smith
Release Date: February 22, 2022
Budding botanists, growing geologists, and early explorers will dive into this picture book biography about the father of ecology, Alexander von Humboldt. The captivating prose from a New York Times bestselling illustrator will spark a passion for di...
Author: Dorothy Hoobler, Thomas Hoobler and Who HQ | Narrator: Akaina Ghosh
Release Date: October 05, 2021
In this addition to the What Was? series, kids will experience what it was like to be in San Francisco in 1906 when the ground buckled in a major, catastrophic earthquake.One early April morning in 1906, the people of San Francisco were jolted awake ...
Author: Stephanie Sabol and Who HQ | Narrator: Jennifer Sun Bell
Release Date: July 06, 2021
Calling all stargazers, this addition to the New York Times bestselling series is sure to be the perfect book for you!Ancient people from many different cultures--Greek, Roman, Mezo-American, Arab--all looked up and imagined pictures in the sky by "d...
Author: Gail Herman and Who HQ | Narrator: Suzanne Elise Freeman
Release Date: June 19, 2018
Learn more about what climate change means and how it's affecting our planet.The earth is definitely getting warmer. There's no argument about that, but who or what is the cause? And why has climate change become a political issue? Are humans at faul...
Author: Megan Stine and Who HQ | Narrator: Lisa Larsen
Release Date: May 22, 2018
Who doesn't love a great mystery? This book presents the eerie accidents and unexplained disappearances that have occurred in the region known as the Bermuda Triangle.Even before it was named, the Bermuda Triangle--roughly bounded by Miami, Bermuda, ...