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Music - Individual Composer & Musician
Eternas palabras Cover
Author: Johnny Cash |
Release Date: May 16, 2023
Con la concesión del premio Nobel de Literatura a Bob Dylan quedó de manifiesto algo que millones de lectores ya sabíamos desde hace tiempo: muchos de los grandes compositores contemporáneos son también grandes poet...
Eternas palabras Cover
Author: Leila Cobo | Narrator: Leila Cobo
Release Date: September 23, 2021
“Leila Cobo, vicepresidenta de Billboard, es posiblemente la principal periodista de la música Latina en Estados Unidos. Su libro repasa la historia de la música Latina, desde la salsa, nacida y criada en las calles de Nueva York,...
La F├│rmula "Despacito" Cover
Author: Brandi Carlile | Narrator: Brandi Carlile
Release Date: April 20, 2021
Brandi Carlile was born into a musically gifted, impoverished family on the outskirts of Seattle and grew up in a constant state of change, moving from house to house, trailer to trailer, fourteen times in as many years. Though imperfect in every way...
Author: Leila Cobo | Narrator: Leila Cobo
Release Date: March 02, 2021
A behind the scenes look at the music that is currently the soundtrack of the globe, reported on and written by Leila Cobo, Billboard's VP of Latin Music and the world's ultimate authority on popular Latin music.Decoding "Despacito" tracks the storie...
Decoding "Despacito" Cover
Author: Prince | Narrator: Adepero Oduye, Dan Piepenbring and Esperanza Spalding
Release Date: October 29, 2019
The brilliant coming-of-age-and-into-superstardom story of one of the greatest artists of all time, in his own words—featuring the exquisite memoir he began writing before his tragic death Prince was a musical genius, one of the most beloved, a...
Author: Liz Phair | Narrator: Liz Phair
Release Date: October 08, 2019
The two-time Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter behind the groundbreaking album Exile in Guyville traces her life and career in a genre-bending memoir in stories about the pivotal moments that haunt her.When Liz Phair shook things up w...
Author: John Doe and Tom Desavia | Narrator: Various, John Doe and Tom Desavia
Release Date: June 04, 2019
Sequel to Grammy-nominated bestseller Under the Big Black Sun, continuing the up-close and personal account of the L.A. punk scene   Picking up where Under the Big Black Sun left off, More Fun in the New World explores t...
Author: Jeff Tweedy | Narrator: Jeff Tweedy
Release Date: November 13, 2018
The singer, guitarist, and songwriter, best known for his work with Wilco, opens up about his past, his songs, the music, and the people that have inspired him.Few bands have inspired as much devotion as the Chicago rock band Wilco, and it's thanks, ...
Author: Judith Chernaik | Narrator: Judith Chernaik and Nicol Zanzarella
Release Date: September 18, 2018
Drawing on previously unpublished sources, this groundbreaking biography of Robert Schumann sheds new light on the great composer’s life and work. With the rigorous research of a scholar and the eloquent prose of a novelist, Judith Chernaik tak...
Author: Min Kym | Narrator: Rebecca Yeo
Release Date: April 25, 2017
The spellbinding memoir of a violin virtuoso who loses the instrument that had defined her both on stage and off -- and who discovers, beyond the violin, the music of her own voice   Her first violin was tiny, harsh, factory-made; her first piec...
Author: Neil Young | Narrator: Neil Young
Release Date: October 14, 2014
The perfect gift for music and car lovers, Special Deluxe is Neil Young's New York Times bestselling follow-up to Waging Heavy Peace that “reads like a great Neil Young song plays.” (The Buffalo News)  In this acclaime...
Duke Cover
Author: Terry Teachout | Narrator: Peter Francis James
Release Date: October 17, 2013
A major new biography of Duke Ellington from the acclaimed author of Pops: A Life of Louis Armstrong Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington was the greatest jazz composer of the twentieth century—and an impenetrably enigmatic personal...
Duke Cover