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The Persuaders Cover
Author: Anand Giridharadas |
Release Date: October 18, 2022
An insider account of activists, politicians, educators, and everyday citizens working to change minds, bridge divisions, and fight for democracy--from a leader of Black Lives Matter to disinformation fighters to Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-...
ISBN: 9780593627785
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The Persuaders Cover
Life Is Hard Cover
Author: Kieran Setiya |
Release Date: October 04, 2022
A philosophical guide to facing life’s inevitable hardships. There is no cure for the human condition: life is hard. But Kieran Setiya believes philosophy can help. He offers us a map for navigating rough terrain, from personal trauma to the in...
ISBN: 9780593612071
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Life Is Hard Cover
Discipline Is Destiny Cover
Author: Ryan Holiday | Narrator: Ryan Holiday
Release Date: September 27, 2022
In his New York Times bestselling book Courage is Calling, author Ryan Holiday made the Stoic case for a bold and brave life. In this much-anticipated second book of his Stoic Virtue series, Holiday celebrates the awesome power of self-discipline and...
ISBN: 9780593613290
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Discipline Is Destiny Cover
Magnificent Rebels Cover
Author: Andrea Wulf |
Release Date: September 13, 2022
From the best-selling author of The Invention of Nature comes an exhilarating story about a remarkable group of young rebels—poets, novelists, philosophers—who, through their epic quarrels, passionate love stories, heartbreaking grie...
ISBN: 9780593627624
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Magnificent Rebels Cover
What Doesn't Kill Us Makes Us Cover
Author: Mike Mariani |
Release Date: August 30, 2022
“A bold and intricate exploration of catastrophe as not just a transformative experience or a test case for resilience, but something that completely reinvents us—a reincarnation.”—Robert Kolker, #1 New York Times bestselling ...
What Doesn't Kill Us Makes Us Cover
Radical Curiosity Cover
Author: Seth Goldenberg |
Release Date: August 23, 2022
A bold manifesto arguing that the most complex challenges we face today—as individuals, businesses, and a society—require us to ask deeper questions, not seek easier answers In a world with an endless hunger for innovation, why is it...
Radical Curiosity Cover
Author: Clare Mac Cumhaill and Rachael Wiseman | Narrator: Alex Dunmore
Release Date: May 10, 2022
A vibrant portrait of four college friends—Iris Murdoch, Philippa Foot, Elizabeth Anscombe, and Mary Midgley—who formed a new philosophical tradition while Oxford's men were away fighting World War II.The history of European philosophy is...
Author: Scott Hershovitz | Narrator: Scott Hershovitz
Release Date: May 03, 2022
From a University of Michigan professor of law and philosophy, a fresh, deep, and funny inquiry into life’s biggest questions with the help of first-rate philosophers—including his two young childrenSome of the best philosophers in the wo...
Author: Shunmyo Masuno | Narrator: Douglas Hachiya
Release Date: April 05, 2022
Discover why 90% of your worries won’t come true in this highly practical, internationally bestselling guide by the renowned Zen Buddhist author of The Art of Simple Living.Think of a time when you were worried about something, but then yo...
Author: Cathy O'Neil | Narrator: Cathy O'Neil
Release Date: March 22, 2022
NEW YORK TIMES EDITORS’ CHOICE • A clear-eyed warning about the increasingly destructive influence of America’s “shame industrial complex” in the age of social media and hyperpartisan politics—from the New York Time...
Author: Jed Perl | Narrator: Daniel Oreskes
Release Date: January 11, 2022
From one of our most widely admired art critics comes a bold and timely manifesto reaffirming the independence of all the arts—musical, literary, and visual—and their unique and unparalleled power to excite, disturb, and inspire us.As peo...
Author: Diane Dreher | Narrator: Cindy Kay
Release Date: January 04, 2022
With its lively, demystifying approach, The Tao of Inner Peace shows how the Tao can be a powerful and calming source of growth, inspiration, and well-being in times of conflict and anxiety.Translated more often than any other book except the Bible, ...