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Poetry - Subjects & Themes - Love & Erotica
Tanya Cover
Author: Brenda Shaughnessy |
Release Date: March 07, 2023
The award-winning poet weaves a tapestry of literary heritage and intimate reflection as she pays tribute to women artists and mentors, and circles the ongoing mysteries of friendship, love, art, and loss.In this powerful gathering of poems about her...
ISBN: 9780593665145
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Tanya Cover
Author: Sharon Olds | Narrator: Sharon Olds
Release Date: October 04, 2022
NATIONAL BOOK AWARD FINALIST • Songs from our era of communal grief and reckoning—by the Pulitzer Prize and T. S. Eliot Prize for Poetry winner, called "a poet for these times, a powerful woman who won’t back down" (San Francisco Chr...
Author: Dante Alighieri | Narrator: Cassandra Campbell and Fajer Al-Kaisi
Release Date: March 22, 2022
A sparkling translation that gives new life in English to Dante’s Vita Nuova, his transcendent love poems and influential statement on the art and power of poetry, and the most widely read of his works after the Inferno A Penguin Classic D...
Author: Richie Hofmann | Narrator: Richie Hofmann
Release Date: February 08, 2022
An erotic journal in poems, from a rising star in the American poetry scene, author of the highly acclaimed collection Second Empire. "A book of love poems that consciously and subversively hearken back to Shakespeare’s sonnets, marking Ho...
Author: Sarah Arvio | Narrator: Sarah Arvio
Release Date: August 10, 2021
Stunning poems of obsession, loss, and the desire for a renewed self, from the award-winning poet“I thought I had left behind the darkness / of the heart,” Arvio confesses in the poem “Small War.” The love Arvio traces i...
Author: Catherine Cohen | Narrator: Catherine Cohen
Release Date: February 02, 2021
Poems of heartbreak and sex, self-care and self-critique, urban adventures and love on the road from the millennial quarantine queen and comedy sensation.   in L.A. we got naked and swam in the ocean we ate cured meats and carrots & sat in t...
Author: Lang Leav | Narrator: Brittany Pressley and Lang Leav
Release Date: November 24, 2020
A book that will change the way you think about love, relationships, heartbreak, and self-empowerment. Breaking the rules, challenging perceptions, and exploring the secret desires we keep hidden from the world.Beautifully composed and written by int...
Author: Dan Chiasson | Narrator: Full Cast, Dan Chiasson and Sybil Johnson
Release Date: September 22, 2020
A father and husband's meditation on love, adolescence, and the mysterious mechanisms of poetic creation, from the acclaimed poet.The poet's art is revealed in stages in this "making-of" book, where we watch as poems take shape--first as dreams or me...
Author: Lang Leav | Narrator: Lang Leav
Release Date: December 03, 2019
Filled with wisdom and encouragement, every moment of this audiobook is a testament to the power of words, and the impact they can have on the relationships you build with others. And most importantly, the one you have with yourself.Lang Leav capture...
Author: Lang Leav | Narrator: Lang Leav
Release Date: December 03, 2019
Set sail for a grand adventure narrated by bestselling poet Lang Leav This completely original collection of poetry and prose captures the imagination and is a delight for both Lang Leav's avid fans and anyone encountering her writing for the first t...
Author: Michael Faudet | Narrator: Katharine Lee McEwan
Release Date: December 03, 2019
Michael Faudet's latest book delves deeper into the meaning of love, the intricacy of relationships, self-empowerment, seduction, and sex. Taking the listener on a whimsical and sometimes heartbreaking journey, where fantasy and reality collide. Cult...
Author: Michael Faudet | Narrator: Katharine Lee McEwan
Release Date: December 03, 2019
Bitter Sweet Love is the much-anticipated second collection of internationally best-selling poet Michael Faudet, author of Dirty Pretty Things, a finalist in the 2015 Goodreads Readers Choice Awards.Michael Faudet's whimsical and often erotic writing...