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Science - Research & Methodology
Author: Christie Wilcox | Narrator: Emily Rankin
Release Date: August 09, 2016
A thrilling tale of encounters with nature’s masters of biochemistryIn Venomous, the molecular biologist Christie Wilcox investigates venoms and the animals that use them, revealing how they work, what they do to the human body, and how th...
Author: Kathryn Bowers and Barbara Natterson-Horowitz | Narrator: Karen White
Release Date: June 12, 2012
In the spring of 2005, cardiologist Barbara Natterson-Horowitz was called to consult on an unusual patient: an Emperor tamarin at the Los Angeles Zoo. While examining the tiny monkey’s sick heart, she learned that wild animals can die of a form...
ISBN: 9780307989512
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Narrator: Various
Release Date: August 09, 2011
In this fascinating collection of writings that introduce the very latest theories and discoveries in science, editor Max Brockman presents the work of some of today’s brightest and most innovative young researchers.  Future Science f...
ISBN: 9780307933706
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