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Young Adult Fiction - Social Themes - Physical & Emotional Abuse (see Social Themes - Sexual Abuse)
Author: Rainbow Rowell | Narrator: Rebecca Lowman and Sunil Malhotra
Release Date: February 26, 2013
Bono met his wife in high school, Park says.So did Jerry Lee Lewis, Eleanor answers.I’m not kidding, he says.You should be, she says, we’re 16.What about Romeo and Juliet?Shallow, confused, then dead.I love you, Park says.Wheref...
Author: Swati Avasthi | Narrator: Joshua Swanson
Release Date: March 09, 2010
A riveting portrait of life after abuse from an award-winning novelist.Sixteen-Year-Old Jace Witherspoon arrives at the doorstep of his estranged brother Christian with a re-landscaped face (courtesy of his father’s fist), $3.84, and a secret...
Dreamland Cover
Author: Sarah Dessen | Narrator: Liz Morton
Release Date: June 11, 2009
Love can be a very dangerous thing. After her sister left, Caitlin felt lost. Then she met Rogerson. When she’s with him, nothing seems real.But what happens when being with Rogerson becomes a larger problem than being without hi...
Dreamland Cover
Author: Christina Meldrum | Narrator: Kirsten Potter
Release Date: May 13, 2008
THE SECRETS OF the past meet the shocks of the present.Aslaug is an unusual young woman. Her mother has brought her up in near isolation, teaching her about plants and nature and language—but not about life. Especially not how she came to have ...
Lock and Key Cover
Author: Sarah Dessen | Narrator: Rebecca Soler
Release Date: April 22, 2008
From the award-winning and New York Times bestseller Once and for AllUnlock your heart and the rest will follow. Ruby is used to taking care of herself. But now that she’s living with her sister, she’s got her own room, she&rsqu...
Lock and Key Cover
The Rules of Survival Cover
Author: Nancy Werlin | Narrator: Daniel Passer
Release Date: July 10, 2007
Dear Emmy,I have decided to write it all down for you, even though I do have my doubts. I wonder if you really need to know exactly what happened to us–me, you, Callie–at the hands of our unpredictable, vicious mother. How we lived back t...
The Rules of Survival Cover
Author: Alex Flinn | Narrator: Jon Cryer
Release Date: September 12, 2006
Nick is one of the chosen few at his high school: intelligent, popular, wealthy. People think his life is pretty easy. Except for one thing. Nick has never told anyone about his father’s violent temper.When Nick meets Caitlin, he thinks that sh...
Fault Line Cover
Author: Janet Tashjian | Narrator: Jason Harris
Release Date: July 13, 2004
Seventeen-year-old Becky Martin--smart, funny, ambitious--aspires to be a stand-up comic. While setting out to make her goal a reality, she meets Kip Costello, a rising star in the San Francisco comedy club scene. Where Becky once felt invisible ar...
Fault Line Cover
Whale Talk Cover
Author: Chris Crutcher | Narrator: Brian Corrigan
Release Date: February 26, 2002
There’s bad news and good news about the Cutter High School swim team. The bad news is that they don’t have a pool. The good news is that only one of them can swim anyway. A group of misfits brought together by T. J. Jones (the J is redun...
Whale Talk Cover