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Young Adult Fiction - Social Themes - Violence
Author: Isaac Blum | Narrator: Josh Bloomberg
Release Date: September 13, 2022
The Chosen meets Adam Silvera in this irreverent and timely story of worlds colliding in friendship, betrayal, and hatred.Hoodie Rosen's life isn't that bad. Sure, his entire Orthodox Jewish community has just picked up and moved to the quiet, mostly...
ISBN: 9780593630020
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No somos de aquí Cover
Author: Jenny Torres S√°nchez | Narrator: Brenda Lara, Edgar Molina and Andrea Castillo
Release Date: November 16, 2021
UNO DE LOS MEJORES LIBROS DE FICCIÓN JUVENIL DEL 2021 SEGÚN EL YOUNG ADULT LIBRARY SERVICES ASSOCIATION (YALSA)La travesía llena de peligros, resiliencia, dolor y esperanza, de tres adolescentes guatemaltecos que cruzan la fronte...
No somos de aquí Cover
Author: Nic Stone | Narrator: Dion Graham
Release Date: October 17, 2017
#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • WILLIAM C. MORRIS AWARD FINALIST • ONE OF TIME MAGAZINE’S 100 BEST YA BOOKS OF ALL TIME   After a traffic stop turns violent at the hands of the police, a young Black teen grapples with racism&mdash...
Author: Sally Green | Narrator: Carl Prekopp
Release Date: March 29, 2016
The magical, stunning conclusion to the internationally acclaimed Half Bad trilogy--now available in more than 50 countries. The Alliance is losing. Their most critical weapon, seventeen-year-old witch Nathan Brynn, has killed fifty-two people, and y...
Author: Sally Green | Narrator: Carl Prekopp
Release Date: March 24, 2015
"You will have a powerful Gift, but it’s how you use it that will show you to be good or bad."In a modern-day England where two warring factions of witches live amongst humans, seventeen-year-old Nathan is an abomination, the illegitimate son o...
Half Bad Cover
Author: Sally Green | Narrator: Carl Prekopp
Release Date: March 04, 2014
In modern-day England, witches live alongside humans: White witches, who are good; Black witches, who are evil; and sixteen-year-old Nathan, who is both. Nathan’s father is the world’s most powerful and cruel Black witch, and his mother i...
Half Bad Cover
Author: Julie Berry | Narrator: Kathleen McInerney
Release Date: September 26, 2013
Four years ago, Judith and her best friend disappeared from their small town of Roswell Station. Two years ago, only Judith returned, permanently mutilated, reviled and ignored by those who were once her friends and family.Unable to speak, Judith liv...
Playground Cover
Author: 50 Cent | Narrator: Dwayne Clark and 50 Cent
Release Date: November 01, 2011
Thirteen-year-old Butterball doesn't have much going for him. He's teased about his weight. He hates the Long Island suburb his mom moved them to so she could go to nursing school and start her life over. He wishes he still lived with his dad in New ...
Playground Cover
Author: Swati Avasthi | Narrator: Joshua Swanson
Release Date: March 09, 2010
A riveting portrait of life after abuse from an award-winning novelist.Sixteen-Year-Old Jace Witherspoon arrives at the doorstep of his estranged brother Christian with a re-landscaped face (courtesy of his father’s fist), $3.84, and a secret...
Author: Andrew Smith | Narrator: Mike Chamberlain
Release Date: September 22, 2009
Jonah and his younger brother, Simon, are on their own. They set out to find what’s left of their family, carrying between them ten dollars, a backpack full of dirty clothes, a notebook, and a stack of letters from their brother, who is serving...
Author: Ben Mikaelsen | Narrator: Jason Harris
Release Date: December 09, 2008
Alone in the wilderness, Cole found peace. But he’s not alone anymore.Cole Matthews used to be a violent kid, but a year in exile on a remote Alaskan island has a way of changing your perspective. After being mauled by a Spirit Bear, Cole start...
Author: Alex Flinn | Narrator: Jon Cryer
Release Date: September 12, 2006
Nick is one of the chosen few at his high school: intelligent, popular, wealthy. People think his life is pretty easy. Except for one thing. Nick has never told anyone about his father’s violent temper.When Nick meets Caitlin, he thinks that sh...