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Talon and Chantry
Author: Louis L'Amour | Narrator: Michael Crouch
Release Date: April 09, 2019
When Tom Chantry comes west to buy cattle, he quickly runs into trouble. During a drunken scuffle in a bar, Dutch Akin challenges Chantry to a gunfight. Leaving town rather than face Akin, Chantry is quickly branded a coward.Later, when hiring men to...
Author: Louis L'Amour | Narrator: MacLeod Andrews
Release Date: March 05, 2019
For years Milo Talon had been riding the outlaw trail, looking for a man who had betrayed his family. Only Hank Rossiter wasn’t the man he had been: old now and blind, Rossiter was trying desperately to hold on to a small ranch to support his...
Author: Louis L'Amour | Narrator: John Keating
Release Date: April 10, 2018
His father killed by the British and his home burned, young Tatton Chantry left Ireland to make his fortune and regain the land that was rightfully his. Schooled along the way in the use of arms, Chantry arrives in London a wiser and far more dangero...
Author: Louis L'Amour | Narrator: Erik Singer
Release Date: February 13, 2018
The marshal’s name was Borden Chantry. Young, lean, rugged, he’s buried a few men in this two-bit cow town—every single one killed in a fair fight. Then, one dark, grim day a mysterious gunman shot a man in cold blood. Five grisly...