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Author: Stephen R. Donaldson | Narrator: Scott Brick
Release Date: November 15, 2022
Two kingdoms, ancient enemies, must stand alone against an implacable invader in the masterful conclusion of the Great God’s War epic from the New York Times bestselling author of the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant.They are coming.The kingdoms o...
Author: C. J. Tudor | Narrator: Adam Sims, Roy McMillan, C. J. Tudor, Richard Armitage, Richie Campbell and Dakota Blue Richards
Release Date: November 08, 2022
The debut short-story collection from the acclaimed author of The Chalk Man, hailed as “Britain’s female Stephen King” (Daily Mail), featuring eleven bone-chilling and mind-bending tales“All hail the queen of scream....
Author: Grace Draven | Narrator: Katharine Lee McEwan
Release Date: November 08, 2022
A woman with the gift to speak to the dead—and the assassin pursuing her—may be the only chance a crumbling empire has of holding back true evil, in this electrifying fantasy romance from the USA Today bestselling author of Radiance.Siora...
Delve into the mind of Critical Role’s most charming villain in this original novel that chronicles Lucien’s early life and his fateful meeting with the Mighty Nein. Lucien has always been able to spin a bad situation to his advantag...
Author: Claudia Lux | Narrator: MacLeod Andrews and Brittany Pressley
Release Date: October 25, 2022
A darkly humorous, surprisingly poignant, and utterly gripping debut novel about a guy who works in Hell (literally) and is on the cusp of a big promotion if only he can get one more member of the wealthy Harrison family to sell their soul.Peyote Tri...
Author: Linda Antonsson, George R. R. Martin and Elio M. GarcĂ­a Jr. | Narrator: Harry Lloyd
Release Date: October 25, 2022
This lavish visual history—featuring over 180 all-new illustrations—is a stunning introduction to House Targaryen, the iconic family at the heart of HBO’s Game of Thrones prequel series, House of the Dragon. For hundreds of yea...
ISBN: 9780593633465
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Author: James J. Butcher | Narrator: James Patrick Cronin
Release Date: October 11, 2022
In the tradition of his renowned father, James J. Butcher’s debut novel is a brilliant urban fantasy about a young man who must throw out the magical rule book to solve the murder of his former mentor. On the streets of Boston, the world is d...
Author: Terry Brooks | Narrator: Jeremy Carlisle Parker
Release Date: October 04, 2022
The thrilling second novel of an all-new fantasy series from the legendary author behind the Shannara saga, about a human girl adapting to her place in a magical world she’s only recently discoveredIt’s been two years since Auris escaped ...
Author: Rachel Harrison | Narrator: Kristen Sieh
Release Date: October 04, 2022
A young woman in need of a transformation finds herself in touch with the animal inside in this gripping, incisive novel from the author of Cackle and The Return.Rory Morris isn’t thrilled to be moving back to her hometown, even if it is tempor...
Author: Alexis Henderson | Narrator: Jeanette Illidge
Release Date: September 27, 2022
WANTED - Bloodmaid of exceptional taste. Must have a keen proclivity for life’s finer pleasures. Girls of weak will need not apply.A young woman is drawn into the upper echelons of a society where blood is power in this dark and enthralling Got...
Author: Naomi Novik | Narrator: Anisha Dadia
Release Date: September 27, 2022
#1 NATIONAL BESTSELLER • Saving the world is a test no school of magic can prepare you for in the triumphant conclusion to the New York Times bestselling trilogy that began with A Deadly Education and The Last Graduate.ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF T...
Author: Josh Malerman | Narrator: Patricia Santomasso
Release Date: September 20, 2022
Horror has a new name: Daphne. A brutal, enigmatic woman stalks a high school basketball team in a reimagining of the slasher genre by the New York Times bestselling author of Bird Box.“A superb serial killer novel and a great coming-of-age sto...