Circle of Friends Cover
Circle of Friends

1. Fonsie and Mario argue about the kind of customers their café should attract. How else does Maeve Binchy show the march of progress in Knockglen?

2. Benny embarks on a strict diet to attract Jack. Do any other characters try to change themselves for their intended partners?

3. How does Binchy deal with the religious issues in the book? Are they integral to the story? Does the issue of class differences play as big a role?

4. Many of the relationships that are of mixed religion, class or looks appear to fail. Does Binchy use this as a narrative device or a true reflection of society? Are there any relationships that work in the novel?

5. The character of Benny is often cited as one of the reasons the book is so popular. How does the author make Benny appealing?

6. Nan comments that Benny would be better off without Jack because she would always have had to watch him. Was she right?