Red Famine Cover
Red Famine

1. What is the most surprising revelation in Red Famine? Why were you surprised?

2. Talk about Stalin’s policy of agricultural collectivization and how it contributed to the Ukrainian famine.

3. Beyond the famine, what other tactics did Stalin use to punish Ukrainian national identity and independence?

4. How is the 1931-1933 Ukrainian famine similar to other famines throughout history? What makes it unique?

5. What detail of the conditions in Ukraine during the Holodomor was most vivid to you as you read? Why did it stick with you?

6. How did the author make use of oral histories in the book? What did they add to your reading experience?

7. Did Red Famine challenge anything you previously believed about Stalin or the USSR?

8. How is Red Famine similar to other history books that you’ve read? What makes it different?

9. Which aspects of the political situation outlined in Red Famine feel most relevant today? Why?