Giving Cover

1. In which ways are you already working to help and to give? Do you know someone who is giving their time and skills to a great cause?

2. Can you identify any problems in your own neighborhood? What steps can you take to help?

3. Identify a global problem that most troubles you. Can you think of three simple, achievable ways to make a difference?

4. Which story of giving do you find most inspiring? Why?

5. In response to Chapter Four, "Giving Things," what can you spare that can be used elsewhere?

6. What skills do you possess that might be worth sharing with someone in need?

7. What are some easy steps you’d be willling to take to reduce your energy usage or the amount of waste you produce?

8. How can your individual contribution of time or money be multiplied by judicious partnerships?

9. How did reading all of these stories of giving make you feel?

10. Now that you have read so many stories about why people give, recall that many more people choose not to give. What are some reasons not to give, and how can these reasons be surmounted?

11. What are your reasons for giving?