Playing Big Cover
Playing Big

1. What does playing big mean to you now?

2. Did you try the inner mentor visualization? If you feel comfortable, share with your group members about your inner mentor. What did you see, and what surprised you about it?

3. What are some of the things your inner critic says most often? 

4. Who is your inner critic character?

5. Do you agree that women don't so much need confidence, but rather a new way of relating to self-doubt? Why or why not?

6. How have the two different types of fear Tara writes about in the book, pachad and yirah, shown up in your life? 

7. There's so much encouragement for women to find great mentors, but as Tara writes about in Playing Big, sometimes we overestimate what mentors can give us. How have mentors positively impacted you, and where have you found that external mentors can't provide what you really need - you need to trust yourself or find the answers within?

8. Tara writes about how feedback always tells us about the person giving the feedback - not about ourselves. Think back to one time in your life when you received really tough feedback. If you interpret it as not about you, but about the person giving the feedback, how does it look different?

9. Which of the hiding strategies (Chapter 6) do you identify with most? What's one way you've been hiding lately? Can you take a leaping approach (Chapter 7) instead?

10. Which good student habits do you want to use a little less in your career, and which new skills do you want to develop?

11. How can the members of this group support your playing big going forward? Let each other know whatkind of support you’d most like.