The Last Days of Magic Cover
The Last Days of Magic

1. How were we told, as children, that fairy tales came about, and have you ever questioned those ideas? What strikes you about how the question is taken up in The Last Days of Magic

2. Almost every culture has old stories of faeries, giants, and other nonhuman beings. How do you think the mythology of these beings arose?

3. Do you think it’s possible that magic and magical beings were deliberately expunged from the historical record? Or is The Last Days of Magic purely an imaginative fiction? What do you think the author intended in dramatizing this question for us? 

4. Aisling and Anya represent two aspects of the goddess considered important to rule Ireland and unite the divided factions. What are their different aspects, and what resonance might these qualities have for us today?

5. How and why is Jordan so conflicted, and what drives the evolution of his relationship with Najia? What role does their relationship play in his personal transformation?

6. A number of intimate relationships in the novel are formed during periods of crisis. Do you think that relationships forged in this way are more or less enduring than those developed in calmer times?

7. Brigid forsook her desire for a relationship with Liam in order to fulfill her calling as High Priestess. What ramifications does her choice have?

8. Did Liam’s decision to continue to support Aisling after Anya’s death seem like a wise choice? How did Liam and Aisling differently perceive this support?

9. How do feel about who and what Aisling becomes at the end of the novel?

10. What do you think happens to Sara, and why?

11. What is the author conveying with the concept of Ardor? If Ardor is present today, where do you think it exists?